About Me

Hello! I’m Jessica. I love Jesus, my family, friends and making the
things around me prettier. In my early days I was a middle school art teacher. I’m a wife, mom two sweet girls and while their all off doing their thing, I’m designing client rooms and working on our home. (some of my favorite things)

husband and I bought our first house in North Texas in
2008. If you’re new, you can see our first house tour here. Pretty soon after we started knocking down walls, scraping
ceilings and ripping up floors. All without a blog to chronicle the experience–the shame… 

In 2018 we moved about 45 minutes down the road to be closer to his work and as a perk, we bought a new (old) house full of tons of potential. Look what we already did to the outside:

I’m always, I mean ALWAYS,
moving things around or painting (or dyeing) this or that to meet my
newest whim.  Thriftiness is one of my favorite things so if I add
something to my decor, you can bet that it’s either clearance, thrifted
or re-purposed from my own collection.

My heart for this blog is to encourage someone who just needs a little inspiration.  I want to show you how to work with what you’ve got or to give you ideas to change something you don’t love on a very small budget.  I want you to love your house too!

It is NOT my heart to show off or make you look at your house and feel defeated. It takes TIME and money and there’s no rush. But, if changing a few things around or buying a can of spray paint or a thrifted somethin’- somethin’ will make you feel like you’re making progress then GO FOR IT. Be brave!

I know that there are way more
important things than a pretty house but loving our home and making it a
nice, cozy place for family and friends to be is a thing that brings
me so much joy. I hope I can share things that are easy, fun and doable
on any budget. Helping other people love their home brings me
tons of joy too!

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