Long House

Hi Lisa! Here’s what I have for your living room. Let me know if there’s something you’d like changed. Hope you love it!
I was thinking about the mantel situation. You could use this console and then build a picture ledge above it. Something to prop art and hang stockings. : )
I was also thinking that you might have enough space to put the dining table behind the sofa.  or keep it as is but more the sofa back a bit. Just want you to be able to utilize that extra room.
I’d get an 8×10 rug for your space. This accent chair seems like a great scale for the room but let me know.
I felt dumb suggesting art to an artist but just to give you some ideas.
I like how the black metal in the coffee table mimics the barstools and then same with the brass curtain rods and side table legs. Hang the curtains tall and wide to make your ceilings look taller and windows wider.
Here are all of the affiliate links. When you order from these I get a small percentage. (but not if you follow the prompt to “open in the app”)
Notes: sorry about the coffee table.. It’ll come back in stock im sure but here is a similar one. 
heres a recliner: faux leather 
and another: i’d pick the cream color . This might be a good thing to try and find at homegoods. Might be hit or miss but at least you’d be able to try it first.
And sorry about the rug. I checked in a few places and it’s out of stock too. If you want me to look for another I can or we can see if it becomes available closer to when your floors are done. 
Try these few rugs. If you dont like any I’m happy to keep looking but also the other could be back in stock at any time.