The Zehr Home

Hi Erin,

It was so fun talking to you yesterday. I hope this board gives you a place to start. The links to these things and a couple more things can be found below.

I know we talked about doing two colors but I don’t really think you’d need to go to all that trouble. I picked 2 colors…You cant really judge them by the computer screen but buy 2 samples and see what you think of these next to the tile in a few places. Hopefully one will work.

The mirror is smaller than what you have but it will be better scale for the sink anyway.

Like we talked about, you could buy 2 mirrors like the one I linked to and hang one for your daughter with a little framed piece above. But I was also thinking, since you dont care about her door there, you could use that wall to hang towels so that they’re out of the way for guests. Then the wall that’s across from the mirror could have art. You also have the option of hanging art above the toilet.. You know how you use the space better than I do. Any of that will be great.

I hope this gives you the little 50’s charm it’s missing. Let me know if you have any questions.