Traditional Kitchen and Livingroom Updates

Hi Nancy! I hope you like what I picked for your kitchen and living room. You can click on the pieces in the image below to open each specific link. I’ve switched up the board a little and added new links. Scroll down to see the new stuff. : )

I picked a semi flush mount pendant for over your breakfast nook. Something closer to the ceiling to open up the space. I also found a traditional round table that collapses into a semi circle! Whenever you’re hosting, you can open it up and utilize the full space.

The upholstered slipper chairs will be nice and comfortable but they’re smaller scale so they wont take up too much space. You could also just put regular dining chairs in there. (You could even spray paint them navy for a pop of color.) Whatever works best.

Here is a link for some white roman shades for the breakfast nook windows to give you some privacy at night.

The sofa is linked but I understand you might want to try one first. I like something in the darker, camel-y, grey tone. There are only two long cushions making more space for people to sit and be comfortable without sitting in the ditch.

I picked two different area rugs. This one is darker and a little busier but pulls in the navy tones from the chairs in the kitchen and some orange tones from the beautiful chairs in your front room. It will take wear and tear a little better since it’s darker and more patterned.

This one might give you the simpler look you’re going for. You can’t go wrong with either one.

The hallway light is on the board but here is a vanity light I thought might be nice for your half-bath.


I found a dining table and chairs set that you might like.


I also updated the light link, and added another table and chair combo (and sofa) below.

I know that table may seem a bit modern and it’s fine if you dont like it but I picked it because I felt like it worked well with your cool ottoman in the living room and the ladder shelves on the wall behind the sofa. I also picked upholstered dining chairs which are still comfortable and bring warmth and color but are a little smaller in scale.

The sofa is on the pricey side but we have it and love it. The color isn’t reading right. It’s a very nice, neutral taupey grey.

Let me know if you need anything else! I’m so excited to see your finished kitchen. It will look great!