Trask House

Hi Simon and Cindy!

This will be the post that includes all of my picks for your house. I’ll just keep adding to it as we work on new spaces and tweak what’s already been picked.

First up, faucets. I picked ones with clean lines and a pull down sprayer so that there is only one hole to be drilled. I would mount it straight to the counter and not use the little face plate that comes with it. This makes it so much easier to clean around.

Lighting is tough because whatever you like for over the table has to work with whatever ends up in the kitchen. Just take a look at these chandeliers and see if any stand out to you then I can base the kitchen light off of your pick.

Thoughts as I’m watching the youtube video.

Entry way and into the wall across from the kitchen: What about doing board and batten? You could make it about 5 1/2′ tall (actually, I think i’d have it be as tall as the top of the stair rail so they could meet each other) and paint the lower portion a color or white to add some dimension and give you something to paint without having to go up to the ceilings.

Here are some tutorials. You can add MDF to the back or you could just do the boards straight over the wall. MDF would look more finished and real.

the artwork: If you buy warm wood frames or even white frames, it’ll help those feel lighter. You mentioned mats. If you buy bigger frames (that way you aren’t cropping the art) you could have more mat space and they’d feel less heavy.

The entryway nook: you could paint it black or really dark grey to draw focus. Actually, you could use a little of whatever paint you pick for the fireplace. Let them play off each other.


entry way lights:

Parlor windows: Get a rod to span the whole window and at least a foot wider than the window. Mount it as close to the ceiling and as wide as possible, then get longer curtains. I’ll link to those things. This will make your ceilings look taller and the window look larger.

The artwork. I’d stain some boards and make yourself a frame like you talked about. I did a similar tutorial here. A light stain like mixwax weathered oak will lighten things up.  It’s hard to tell but I think it’s hung too high. When you hang artwork you want the center of the artwork to be 57″-60″ off the floor.

Here’s what I put together for your front room. It’s a little more neutral because the walls and art will be the pop.

We can certainly switch out the rug for something a little more colorful.

I love the chairs.  I was even thinking that you could have 4 chairs and place them around the table for even more of a relaxed feel. You could also find a pair of upholstered chairs on a place like marketplace. Coffee tables are pretty easy to find on there too.

I’d paint all the walls the same, even the alcove. You could make picture ledges for that spot and display art or albums. I saw this picture that I loved. You could build the shelves to fill the space. I’ve made a ton of them and they are quick and easy. Here’s a tutorial I wrote except, since then, I’ve stopped using screws and only use wood glue and clamps per my studly carpenter named Joel.

the instruments could be on the back wall of the room. I thought this was cool and it seems like that’s what you have.


Really, whats on the walls can trade sides. they’re both a focal point.

Here are the links to the items in this room. Let me know if there’s something else you’d want to see.


Kitchen table: the one on the magazine cover looks a lot like yalls. You might not want to keep it but you could consider painting it and adding new chairs.

If you do want to make one, it’s pretty easy to find plans on pinterest but here’s a link to a bunch.

Here is what I have for your kitchen:

I’d hang the pendant where the florescent light is and then swag it and lower it so it’s a little more centered over the island.

Here are some fixtures that will give you more light. I got the largest ones I could find. Let me know if you’d like me to keep looking.

The rug will pull in the warm colors in your artworks and keep the space from looking too cool toned. You could get a runner and put it in front of the sink or get it for under the table. Either one of those would be great!

Kitchen cabinets: I love this sherwin williams color called “evergreen fog”. It’s sage green but leans grey.

This might be more than you want to take on but I love the idea of raising cabinets and then adding a shelf underneath. Check out this tutorial. I think it’s a great way to add height but also so much more storage to your kitchen.


I know yall have tall ceilings so I’m not sure of the measurements but that first tutorial showed how she moved them 26″ from the counter to the bottom of the cabinet. That might be a good height even if that doesnt make them go all the way up. Then you could add a live edge shelf (or any shelf) around the whole kitchen.

Here are the links for everything I picked for the kitchen:


how do you feel about painting the fireplace tiles? You could make it look like a cement tile fireplace with some paint and stenciling.


Here’s a link to a tile stencil like the one above. Just buy the same size as your tile and it should look great. You’re right about the sticker, I think paint and a good primer might be better.

I also found these stickers that might be worth looking in to.

Here’s what I put together for your living room. The sofa in the picture is close to the color I think would be good but I have swatches coming to me from wayfair for a sofa with only 2 cushions. I love that style better. I’ll link to it below and I’ll let you know once I’ve seen the colors. I can send you the swatches I like the most.

I know the window is in an angled corner. I was thinking you could attach the curtains to the wall on either side for a little warmth and texture but they wouldn’t be moveable. At our last house and at my moms house we used curtain rings and then push pins. The curtain rings can be attached from behind and hang from pins where you wont see any of that. Here’s my parents wall of curtains.

The the size wall you have, I’d buy two sets of curtains, the longest legth, and hang two panels on each side to where the graze the floor.

Let me know what you think about the rug. it’s colorful and busy which is good for families. I wanted something that would work with the rug I picked in the kitchen also.

For the throw pillows, I’d buy a pair of 2 or the colors and then 1 of the last color. I will link to feather inserts below. Buy one size bigger than the pillow dimensions.

The lanterns. I know you don’t have electricity over the fireplace. If you like the idea, you can install them without power using this trick right here.

The only thing that isn’t linked is the tobacco basket. It’s at hobby lobby.