Vader Home

Hi Angela! Here’s what I have for your master bedroom:

I picked the bamboo blinds for the little nook. As for its function, I might hang a tension rod with some fabric from under the table top so that you could store the hand weights under there. Or any other thing that you’d want concealed. Something like this. As for the top, if it gathers stuff, just make a spot for those things. Add baskets and make it so that whatever ends up over there has a spot.

When you place your new rug, I’d move it further down the bed. More of it should be sticking out at the foot of the bed. It’s ok if the side tables aren’t on the rug at all.

As for the curtain rods, I showed you the corner ones. I’ve read up and worst case you can buy one set in the longest size and one in the size for the other window. If it were me, I’d buy the long set and see if I could saw through the inside edge of the smaller rod that goes into the larger side. The cut would be concealed and held inside the gasket that keep them from wiggling and then the inside ball joint just screws onto the end of the rod. I made a little pic in case I’m not making sense.

I picked some blackout curtains in ‘off white’. Buy the 96″ in height and hang your rods about that high too. Here’s the link to the 50″ wide ones as well. That may work better for your room. Just make sure you buy enough for them to still gather a bit even when they’re closed.

Here’s the art. Somehow it didn’t make it into the links below. I’d print it out and frame it in a large frame for either over the bed or the dresser. I print these kind of art prints at staples and Walgreens..

Everything is linked below. I picked a rug in the same scheme as yours.  Let me know if there’s anything you’d like changed. I hope you love it!