Washington Patio

Hi Darla! Here’s what I have for your patio.

These looks are pretty similar but one has more black accents and one is more neutral. You’ll find all the links by clicking on each picture below these boards. Obviously the sofa might not work height wise but after you measure it I can find others. My plan is to put the sofa against the back wall and have the two smaller chairs either on each side or together on the far side away from the door. You dont have much depth for a coffee table so I thought a few side tables would be nice. I found you a fire column and a really cool exterior lamp. The planters are linked but I’m happy to shop for that stuff when I go out for accessories closer to when I install it all.

Here are some other side tables I found for you in a price point I think you’d want. All Modern is a company owned by wayfair but I think for a smaller piece these are a good bet. Plus I only chose ones that had good ratings. I’d get the white ones in any of them. There’s one that says the white one wont be available until October but if you love it, it would be worth the wait. : ) Let me know if you choose to order any of these:

Newest ones with available sofas:

heres the fire pit: https://rstyle.me/+MSQpw9xWMOopgJQZEWCLBg

and here:  https://rstyle.me/+_kMfKi8vOzNVuygcdikC-w

It says dark cement. It looks different in different pictures so I dont know.

here’s the black planter: https://rstyle.me/+jfOvnWCeiRZv-JtHDBAqVg

Here’s a black and white pillow that would be pretty

I like the lines of this one too!

I saw your email and text. I just wanted to note that on pottery barn the sofa is one price and the cushions are another so make sure you’re seeing / ordering both. I created another board with the rug and a different sofa model. (this sofa can actually be used without the cushions and just filled with pillows. That might be nice for letting more light through.) I love the wicker ones (the one below is woven) but I think most of them will be too deep for your space. I also took off the fire column. I thought it might be worth an order and not too bad to return if you didn’t like it. I liked that it fits a propane tank inside for easy lighting and I I can’t find a table that would be small enough for the space.

Here’s another pic after talking with you this afternoon.

the links to the changes i made can be found here:

Feel free to call or text me with feedback. Like I told you on the phone, I think these designs marry the traditional exterior of your home with the glam, contemporary looks on the inside. It’ll look great!