A Finished Girly Dresser Makeover

When I showed you this dresser last week, it was ready to be painted.

There are ‘after’ pics at the bottom of this post but I thought I’d also share some progress photos. First, I painted the exterior, white. I lightly distressed it. I always suggest a little distressing, especially on furniture in a kids room so that if it gets scratched or bumped, it wont be too big of a deal.  When I distress a piece, I try to think of where it would naturally get traffic. I always sand the corners, the sides, a little at the base and where the hardware will be.

The next step is optional IF you like wasting time and making really dumb mistakes…. let me preface by saying, on a warm summer night, I’ve done this many times with no problem…You just leave the piece out overnight and let the cold, winter moisture, ruin the top of the dresser so that you have to sand it all down and start over again. (luckily it was only the top, but geez woman!)

See what I mean?! Such a great use of time–(insert eye roll) After that hiccup, I decided to go ahead and wrap things up..

Here is the finished product! The blue-green matches perfectly with the pillow and those crystal knobs make it look so sweet and girly. I love how the light reflects through them.


They haven’t finished decorating the room yet and I can’t wait to see what else is added. They started with a great vision and it is looking really awesome so far! Thanks for letting me have a small part in what will surely be a loved room.

Thanks for reading friends!

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