Repurposed Frame as Decor Display

Just kidding. I’m all about ‘less is more’ but if I can see somethings’ potential right off the bat, no way I’ll toss it.

On New Year’s Day, my hubby helped his dad clean out their garage. I adopted a frame and he adopted some wire caging stuff (I think that’s it’s actual given name). I forgot all about it until he cleared out his truck bed and put the two together on the back porch. Almost exactly like this (but in not such great natural lighting 😉)
Repurposed frame as wall display

Geez, handsome man, I had no idea what to do with the frame until you literally put it together for me. Thanks!
So I cut the wiring to the size I needed, thus resulting in my arm workout for the day.

Once it was cut to size I tried to be all hardcore and use tools to connect the two. What happened? The stapler split the wood. Moral of the story: Don’t use tools when a glue gun will do the trick.

It takes a few seconds for the glue to dry so I just held it down until it set.
Like 5 minutes later, viola! A multi purpose frame/ picture holder/ earring display/ whatever-you-want-it-to-be, free decor piece!
Repurposed frame as wall display

Here it is holding some earrings. I really love how sturdy it would be for this purpose.

Repurposed frame as wall display
Many moons ago, I found these tiny clothes pins at Hobby Lobby and used them to attach some pictures to the wire.
Repurposed frame as wall display

For my husband’s work, we lived in Hawaii for 4 months in 2015. I figured it might be time to print a few of the million pictures I took. Here are our toes in black sand on the Big Island.

The last purpose I thought of for this piece was just a simple decor display. I strung a banner I made years ago and voila. 
Repurposed frame as wall display

Such a simple, cute piece of decor. This could stand alone or be added to a gallery wall. It looks kind of farmhouse/ industrial which I’m liking lately. So there you go. 2 things into one, and one thing, 3 ways! Do you have any re-purposing projects you’re proud of? Tell me about it!

6 thoughts on “Repurposed Frame as Decor Display

  1. I'm a fellow "can't throw it away" kind of person – I have a few boxes of things that I think have potential. Great for crafting bit great for a clutter free home! This is a truly versatile thing you have made, I especially like it with the banner.

  2. Hah! Amen sister. I'm actually a rampage thrower-away-er. I love a clutter free home.. But some stuff is worth saving. Thanks for reading! Check back sometime!

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