Thrift store find= organized kitchen drawer

This morning I took a ginormous bag of clothes and baby stuff to goodwill. I had to browse. You never know what could be waiting for you in there. After not having much luck, I found a great in-drawer butcher block. (This is were I would post a pic of it, but because I’m a noob, I forgot to before it was already looking fine IN the drawer..) I love having as few things out on my kitchen counters as possible so the knives have been just fine in a drawer. Not pretty, but just fine.

I brought it home, rinsed it and washed it, and emptied the drawer.
And then ahhhhh

That’s a sweet looking drawer for $4. And because I love to know what people spend on stuff like this, I looked it up. It’s $33! Yay me! 

Also, thanks for reading Lindsay. Love your face 😘

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