To all the things I’ve dyed before…

If you know me, and we’ve discussed decor…you probably know my love of fabric dye.  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS, PEOPLE! I’ve dyed sheets, curtains, lampshades, clothes, blankets and the list might go on because this love has been around longer than my sweet marriage.  Let me show you a few examples of stuff that I’ve bettered because of a $4 bottle of Rit dye.

There’s this dress that I dyed because I wanted something to make my hair (and skin) stand out.

Dye a dress
Here are two dresses that I dyed for my Lindsay-bird’s wedding, many moons ago. She said she wanted us to pick light blue dresses so we found white ones we liked and turned those puppies blue. 
Dye a dress
(wedding photo copyright JWesley Photography)

The big pillows on our sofa were made from an old chenille blanket that I dyed a green-grey color.
Dyed Pillow Shams
I poured some dye on a cookie sheet and placed the white lampshade in it to soak. I turned it over and let the extra drip down to make ikat looking stripes. I also added pompoms because, pompoms are happy.
Dye lamp shade
 I found this great bedspread at an estate sale a while ago. It was dingy white and now its deep grey and oh so good. That texture. That fringe…
Dyed blanket

A sweet friend of mine just moved into an amazing 100 year old home with more space to create and decorate, like this art room/ office with amazing shiplap walls and original wood floors.

How to update curtains with dye

Look at this rug. I want to lay down and make snow angels on it:

West elm Rug

After she had the rug that she loved, the curtains didn’t work so well. “Can i dye them? please?” Is what I said. And “yes” and “calm down” is what she said. (she didn’t really say calm down but there’s a chance she was thinking it)
How to update curtains with dye
If by now, I’ve convinced you to try your hand at dyeing something, let me tell you a bit about the process. I like to throw whatever I’m dying in the washing machine–less to clean up and I don’t have to touch anything with dye on it..I run a long cycle and use hot water. I buy the liquid dye and just dump it right into the basin for the detergent. I have a front loader, if you have a top loader, I would wait for the machine to fill up with water before adding the dye and fabric. You can go to Rit’s website and learn all about how to do it. Don’t just take my word for it. I’m a ‘go for it’ kinda girl so you need to read instructions if you’re an instructions reader. You can also dye on the stove top too–your call.  There are the pre-made colors that you can buy at the store or online. I go to Joann and buy with a coupon.  Also, you can go here and get a mix formula if they don’t have the specific color you want.

How to update curtains with dye
When the load is done, I just do a load of dark clothes or towels behind it to make sure all the extra dye is gone. I’ve never had a problem with it staying in my washer.  Also, after you dye something, I wouldn’t go washing it with other stuff in case is bleeds.  Its so easy, promise, and way cheaper than having to buy new curtains for 4 windows.

A wash and dry cycle later, this is what we had.  The blues look great with the rug and the green in the floral pattern on the curtains kind of mimics the mustard color now.

How to update curtains with dye
How to update curtains with dye

So there you go. My love for dye hasn’t wavered. It’s a thrifty way of working with what you have and re- imagining it. To all the things I’ve dyed before: Thanks for being awesome. and looking different. because I dyed you. I love you. The end.

What do you think? Have you ever re-purposed anything with dye? Do you think I’m crazy? (you don’t have to answer that one)

Thanks for reading, friends.

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6 thoughts on “To all the things I’ve dyed before…

  1. I haven't dyed anything yet because I am convinced I will ruin the next thing in my washing machine. But I really want to dye a drop cloth navy blue to make a shower curtain. I think I just have to go for it.

  2. Awesome post! It totally inspired me to dye something. My daughter is an avid dyer. She has a favorite pair of black jeans and they are really expensive jeans . Whenever they get faded, she just keeps dying them black,and they look like band new! She has dyed lots of different things. We bought some drop clothes for her to use as curtains, and she is planning to tie dye them.

  3. I know. That's kind of scary at first! Just go for it and then make sure and wash something dark or run a load of rags with bleach in it. It'll be great! I'd love to see a pic of your finished product!

  4. Yay! Do it! It's such a great way to give new life to something that needs it! Thanks for reading. I hope to see a picture of the drop cloths when they're done!

  5. I can't believe you thought to dye that dress! I would never think of something like that. Just Brilliant! The pictures are all so beautiful!

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