DIY Leaning Ladder Desk

Ok, I dragged it out long enough. We finished my little desk and I love it so much. If you want to see the process of making it, check that out here and here. So let me show you a ton of pictures now!

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Ta da! I love it. It’s definitely my most favorite spot to hang out now. I am the worst about tweaking stuff for days and weeks after a project so I’m going to go ahead and say the shelves and styled and the wall behind me computer is done.  That doesn’t mean it won’t change. Daily. That’s how I roll.

You might notice the much smaller wood table to the right of the desk.  That was the hubs’ Grandmothers and its much better scale for the desk and the room.  The wicker table that was there–I have some kind of emotional connection to it that I cant explain (kind of ridiculous)…but we don’t need it, so I’m letting it go…to a home that meets my impossible standards.  Like I said last post, I tried to use mostly what I had around the house but I bought a few things.  The Stripes under my computer are 2 IKEA place mats that I taped together on the underside.  I like the pop of color and worry less about the surface of the desk getting scratched or grimy for that matter… gross. I promise we’re not ‘grimy’ but I think you know what I mean. 

Ana White Leaning Wall Desk

I covered the stool in some OLD as in vintage/ antique old chenille fabric. I don’t think it will stay this way but the upholstery that was on it needed to be covered. I’d love to cover it in a rag rug like this maybe:

**A couple months after writing this post, rag rugs were being sold brand new at Goodwill so I grabbed one and stapled / hot glued it on!

Side note: Notice that our curtains on this wall are hung with curtain rings and nails.  The wall did need curtains but because we have a love seat in the bay window and we have blinds, I didn’t want to spend the money on a large curtain rod that would never actually be used. Also, those are $5 twin flat sheets from Walmart that I painted some quick dashes on. NOTHING IN YOUR HOME HAS TO BREAK THE BANK.

Ok back to regularly scheduled programming. This is the top shelf.  I leaned an old yard stick on the top crossbar.  The sweet chubby baby is Nickerbean 1. Plants that wilt are my favorite because I only water them when they’re looking sad. No over watering, no under watering. This fern was a good clearance plant for me.

On this second shelf, a couple plants and my thrifted bamboo plant holding bike. A little box for receipts and a jar of pom poms because POM POMS. A little vase my sweet friend Brynne gave me. And another picture of Nickerbean 1. Sorry, sweet Nickerbean 2. #secondchildproblems

I knew I wanted the wall space to be filled with colorful and important things. The magazine holder on the far left was hacked (literally) to hold the computers’ power cord. The hanger above that is from IKEA and I’ve seen it other places on the web as a picture hanger and I love it. I found the license plate on the side of the road when we lived in Honolulu, threw it in the dishwasher and brought it home as a memento. Classy.  The black and white picture is my sweet mom as a baby. You were so cute, mom, still are.  I thrifted the cross stitch in the center. It makes me happy.

I’m so in love with this little corner. The book shelf that was here was certainly not a bad use of space but now the space is actually usable which is awesome.  The desk actually sticks out wider than the bookshelf but because its more open and airy, and the shelf leans, the corner actually seems bigger.

Updated 12/19/16 I updated photos because I’m better at taking them now…if you’re noticing different things on the shelves in different pictures it’s because I’m changing it around all the time because I love to.

Didn’t my guy do a great job?! I’m so thankful for him and his handy skills. Even if you aren’t exactly moved to make a leaning desk, I hope this inspires you to see spaces in your home, in a different way. Have you ever been proud of a space that you repurposed in your home? I want to hear about it.

**If you love the look but aren’t interested in building one yourself, I have a round up of desks in a  similar style:

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13 thoughts on “DIY Leaning Ladder Desk

  1. I love your new desk configuration! I'd like to see a step by step of how it was created. Or… was it purchased?

    I love how you have it styled. very pretty.

    thansk for shraing at Talk of the Town!

  2. It looks so great- I love the leaning desk idea, and you styled it beautifully! Thanks for linking up to the Handmade Hangout! I'll be featuring your project on my blog ( when the new linky goes live today at 6pm ET. I hope you'll stop by again and link up!

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