Simple Fiesta Invitations Tutorial

About a year ago, I threw a very adorable and fun fiesta wedding shower for my cousin and his beautiful wife. It was so great, that I couldn’t part with some of the decorations, just knowing that I’d use them again for another shindig. Here are some pictures of the decor from that party and a tutorial for Fiesta party invitations.

I made delicious strawberry margarita cupcakes and cinnamon churro puppy chow that I STILL have sweet dreams about.

fiesta shower desserts

I wanted a cute backdrop for pictures so I made some tissue paper flowers and that awesome wreath.

fiesta shower decor

I borrowed serapes and sombreros from whoever would donate to the cause.

fiesta shower decor

I also made Mexican fruit cups, 2- ingredient queso,  and this yummy Mexican corn dip

fiesta shower food

I basically just planned your party out for you and let me tell you, if you just made those foods and did nothing else, you would win.

fiesta shower drinks

In the backyard, I used our 5th family member- ‘Truck named Harold’, as Nickerbean 1 used to call him, as a serving table and it was so darn cute. My husband might be offended that I used the word cute in the same sentence with Harold but I’m just calling it like I see it. Look, he has garland hanging from his tailgate! That’s CUTE! It got cuter when things weren’t covered. Gotta keep bugs out of chips and a tub-o-beers cold! Amiright?

truck bed as party serving table

And this has nothing to do with the shower but look at our yard that day. So dreamy. Cant wait for it to all look like that this spring!

spring yard

OK so by my raving, it was a really great shower. Sweet couple, GREAT food, beautiful day. God is good.

Now, not even a year later I’m getting to host a TWIN baby shower for a bestie of mine, Lindsay, and what do you know?! It’s going to be fiesta themed! I made the cutest pinata inspired invitations for both showers and I wanted to do a quick tutorial for you. So easy and inexpensive. You just need invites, crape paper, a sewing machine and scissors.

fiesta shower invitation tutorial

I am super low tech when it comes to designing invites and such…I made these invites in trusty ole Microsoft Word and printed them out on white card stock that I pre-cut to 5×7. Whatever your invites say, just make sure that you have space at the bottom. These have about 2.5″ but a little more would have been great too. No less.

I’ve been watching a lot of Parks and Rec on Netflix, hence the invite. ANDDDDD the only other zip code I know, besides my own..

fiesta shower invitation step by step


Cut pieces of crape paper a little wider than the invite. You’ll use 3 pieces per invite just to give you an idea of how much to cut.

fiesta shower invitation step by step

Lay one strip near the bottom on the page, one near the bottom of the text and one on top, in the center of the two.

fiesta shower invitation step by step


fiesta shower invitation step by step


fiesta shower invitation step by step

Sew one line through the center of the crape paper. I used white thread but you could match it to the streamers if you wanted.

fiesta shower invitation step by step

When you are done, they look like this:

fiesta shower invitation step by step

Trim the excess off.

fiesta shower invitation step by step

Then push the tips of your scissors all the way to the sewed seam and cut strips all the way across on top and bottom making it look like the fringe of a pinata.

fiesta shower invitation step by step

Aren’t they so cute?! And pretty easy, too. Such happy mail to get!

fiesta invite tutorial


fiesta shower invitation

What do you think? Would you make these? Are you craving a margarita now? OLE!

Pin the image below for easy access! Thanks for reading, friends!

Crape Paper Fiesta Invitation tutorial

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Fiesta Party Invitations

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