The Refreshed Laundry Room

Happy March! Last Thursday, I showed you the very un-staged pictures of the laundry room.  It look me a bit longer than I expected– more paint coats than I thought and general ‘having to put child raising first’.. But I finished (for now) the laundry room!  Let me show you the pictures.

This is the door from the garage to the laundry room. I painted the door years ago and drew the “Welcome Home” banner with a paint pen. It still makes me really happy to see it every time we pull into the garage.

I cleaned up the sink and counter top and painted the cabinet for the
first time since we moved in. The color is Sherwin Williams’ Relentless
Olive. I kept the old hardware just because of time but that could be a quick way to update it even more.

The yellow on the side of the dryer is contact paper from the Dollar
Spot at Target. It is the perfect pop of color and brightens the big
black wall caused by the stacked dryer. I laughed at myself as I took the
time to create a gallery wall out of magnets.. It does make it look
nicer and less cluttered though.

Yay! You can see the sink. That was probably over an hour of scrubbing using a combination of toxic chemicals, a chisel, steel wool, not so toxic chemicals and my very strong muscles.

Also, if you have youngish babies, you might recognize this drying rack. I wasn’t using it for bottles anymore and its SO COOL, so I made it my drying rack for paint supplies. I vowed to myself that I’ll clear it off when it gets full. We’ll see.

Against the wall, next to the sink, there is a clock that we got for our wedding. I started using it as a frame when the clock stopped working. Of course, I didn’t take a before picture of the clock but I spray painted the frame.
Printed and cut out this adorable free print that 1) happens to be the colors of the room, 2) is a circle to mimic the shape of the frame and 3) is the best phrase, used by the best people ; )
Hey Y'all! Free Printable | 8x10 | Instant Download:
This is how it turned out. I love it. Bright, fresh and fun.
I tidied up the pantry a bit but I also hung a shower rod and the curtain that was in the front room. You can see what I put in its place, here.
It will probably mostly stay open but I love the idea of being able to close off the food clutter if needed. We had it like this a few years ago but I decided to take it down and stain the shelves– in another attempt to make it look nice in there.
Remember the frames with the fabric? I have been wanting my decor to have more contrast lately so I popped out the fabric for some black and white goodness and had the girls help me with a thumb print
art project. The top piece is Nickerbean 2 and the bottom is Nickerbean
1. I drew a square and a grid and asked them to put one finger print in
each little square. Ha HA, yeah right mom…. They ended up so cute when
I just let go and let them do their thing. 
Our prints were inspired by this beautiful image. She wins. That’s OK. I like our haphazard art.
That white thing folds down and holds hanging clothes for when I’m
organizing laundry. It’s helpful in a room that doesn’t have any hanging
space.  I bought it here if you’re interested. **affiliate link
That picture in the middle was taken on our first morning, very early in the morning, in Hawaii. I was nauseous and anxious about our new journey (we lived there for 4 months last year) but these girls were just happy, joyful and.. FLOWER BIKES. Ah to have child-like faith.
I added the metal cabinet on the right. It was my husbands grandmothers’ and it already had the wood top. I just painted it white and moved it in.  I put the laundry basket on top and use the inside to hide ugly, laundry room things. **You can use chalk paint on metal furniture– here’s my recipe. That’s a bird hook between the cross and the dryer. Its another area to hang things if needed.

The cabinet was originally this “vintage” yellow color. Wheat? I thought it would be cool to paint the inside a bright color but I was worried about the finish getting scuffed and looking yuck, so I’d rather the original color.

I bought the black bins at Target and they hold laundry and ironing supplies. I also threw my furniture painting sweatshirt and garden clogs in there. The clutter that was previously on the smaller table, is now inside the drawer. Hidden. Yay.
Here’s the drop spot/ mud room wall. I mentioned in the ‘Ew’ post that the drawers were
from our old bathroom. I gave the outside a fresh coat of paint.
Cleared some clutter and called that side done.
The bins for their shoes are $1 baskets from Dollar Tree. I had some
little chalk board ornaments hanging around so I cut the string/hanger
off, wrote the girls’ names with white paint pen and hot glued the board
to some tulle. Tied the tulle to the basket and presto…this.
On the other side of the “Welcome Home” garage door is this:
I drew it on a while ago, with a gold sharpie. It took me a few minutes and I love that my hubby and girls get to see it before they leave our house. 
OK, now some quick side by sides. Which makes me laugh because this post should really just be titled, “How about you clean your laundry room, Jessica?”
Drop Spot

Sink Area

I hope this is just a little motivation to finish up a space that you aren’t crazy about.  I spent a few hours over a few days and about $20 in bins for organizing. Just the little bit I did, makes me feel good when I walk in and see it.  Just go finish something. It doesn’t have to be a big overhaul to be an improvement.
Is there a space you have in mind for a quick redo? Tell me about it. Doesn’t have to be pin-worthy to make a big difference to you in your own house. Amen? Amen.
Thanks for reading, friends! 
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