How To Update Wall Decor for Free

Well, hello! If you haven’t seen our entryway update go look. It’s so much brighter and gives the room a whole fresh feel. 

Entry Way Makeover

On the wall across from the console table, I had a piece of wall art that I wanted to update. It already has the look of planked wood so I wanted to give it a warm wood tone to contrast with the bright white of the space.

Here’s what I did! It was perfectly cute and I love what it says. I just wanted something with a graphic pattern and more contrast. Today, I’ll show you how I created the wood grain in the background and the design.

update wall art: wood finish with paint

For starters, I dry brushed some grey chalk paint vertically for the entire height of the piece. Dry brushing means that I just barely dipped the brush into the paint so that the art got a light coat and so that you can see the brush strokes, helping give it a vertical grain. Find my chalk paint recipe here.

update wall art: wood finish with paint
Then I painted some streaks of brown, white and then black with craft paint. I made sure to keep each layer light and quick. You could even see the text underneath. Don’t worry about full coverage. Eventually the text was covered with extra paint layers. This should be a very quick process because the coats should be thin and dry quickly. If you don’t like the contrast of the black, then choose another brown or grey instead.
update wall art: wood finish with paint

update wall art: wood finish with paint

update wall art: wood finish with paint

When these coats dried, I took the piece into the garage and painted and wiped some stain over the top. I used the color Provincial by Minwax and a chip brush but I could have, SHOULD have, just used a paper towel to wipe the stain on. The brush would have worked well if the stain had actual wood grain to soak into but because it was paint, it just spread out over the top and I had to rub it on evenly anyway.

update wall art: wood finish with paint
update wall art: wood finish with paint

When it dried and no longer smelled of stain fumes I brought it back inside and here’s what I had.

update wall art: wood finish with paint

It stayed like this for a few days….I had no clue what to do next. I eventually decided on the triangles. I tried to be all left brained about it and divide the piece evenly yada yada….You can see by the half triangles that I am ONLY right brained… (disclaimer: I don’t even know if I named the left and right side correctly to prove my point.)

After I did my super accurate math, I made a stencil out of a Christmas card. Then I taped over the lines with painters tape. The arrow on the left didn’t end up being painted in. I decided I wanted to leave spaces more spaces blank.

update wall art: wood finish with paint

 I didn’t worry so much about full coverage for the triangles. You can see through them but I’m totally OK with that. I worried more about the paint seeping under the tape. I pushed it down to seal the edges and brushed up and away from the tape as much as I could so that I wasn’t pushing paint underneath.

I used no rhyme or reason as to which triangles and painted and what color. The worst that could happen is hating it and painting right back over it.  I used Sherwin Williams ‘Snowbound’, the yellow and tan were just craft paints and then the green is SW ‘Hunt Club’.  Then at the very end, I added “hi” in gold sharpie. Love it. It’s happy, updated and more my style for FREE.

update wall art: wood finish with paint

And because I’m so tech savvy, here’s this gif that’s very badly crafted. ; )

So what do you think? Do you have anything that a fresh coat of paint could revive? Hope this inspires you to see some potential in things that don’t work for you anymore.

Pin the image below for future reference. Thanks for reading, friends!

update wall art: wood finish with paint

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  1. This is very cool! I found your site through a rabbit hole dig on Instagram, and I just love it so much I'm gonna subscribe to see what totally cool thing you do next, since I think I may have ready your entire list of existing blog posts, LOL! LOVING the BUY or DIY posts….you're just rocking it, chickie!!!

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