Guest Bathroom Reveal

Over Memorial Day weekend, I finished the girls’ bathroom. It helps that they were gone almost 2 full days. Productivity really spikes when that happens. I am so happy with the way it turned out and even more happy that I did the whole thing for under $85. That’s paint and the whole bit. I have a bunch of tutorials for a bunch of DIY bathroom renovation projects in here. But today, I just want to show you the ‘after’ pictures. (See all of the before pics here).

One more of what it looked like last week:

and $85 and some hard work later:

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

Pretty different huh?! The walls and ceiling got a fresh coat of paint in Sherwin Williams ‘Alabaster’. I love the color. It’s fresh and bright but not too stark. I couldn’t believe how much lightened up the space. The light shade you see is a planter that was in our garage. I sprayed it gold and hung it up there. I had plans to DIY one but it didn’t seem sturdy enough and I decided to try something else. I like it. It’s funky.

I showed you this butterfly print on my design board and it is a perfect mix of vintage, girly and cheapness because I painted and reused the frame and was able to have it printed at Staples for about $1.50. It brought together all of the colors I wanted in the room and I repainted the mat navy blue for the last pop of color I was incorporating. The link takes you to a free archive of vintage prints. AWESOME.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

I framed a watercolor print done by each girl which made them really happy. The one above is by Nickerbean 1. I used a jar to display her rock collection too. That kid and her ‘collections’…. the colorful rocks I don’t mind but some are a stretch.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

I painted the book shelf with my paint sprayer for a quick change and added the triangles to the canvas bins. (I’ll do a tutorial for that too. So easy a middle schooler could do it. I used to teach the process to them.. That’s how I know.)

I didn’t realize it until I was putting the room back together but the shower curtain was ridiculously short. I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to the 8 ft. one in our bathroom or if that’s why it made it’s way to a thrift shop but it was waiting for a flood.. I used some fabric, ahem an extra sheet curtain, and sewed it to the top of the shower curtain. AND added some white pompoms because how happy are they?!

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

The vintage stool that was my hubby’s grandmothers, works so much better on this wall. I made this towel rack out of scrap wood and some Hobby Lobby hooks that I bought probably 6 months ago.. I made the hooks off centered just like the inspiration one, which also made room for the stool. The cactus won’t stay but it looks cool. : )

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

Bought a new/ old light from the ReStore
for $12, spray painted it and took out the glass shades for just bulbs.
Looks so much better than what was there even though it’s an oldie too.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

I made over the little stool for the girls with fabric from the porch chairs I just recovered. And bought 2 new cabinet knobs on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

Printed the ‘just be you’ print from here and made the macrame plant hanger out of a thrifted t-shirt. (tutorial coming soon). With Nickerbean 1 starting kindergarten and with raising girls in general, I feel like being reminded to be themselves is a pretty important message.

My favorite thing, made from scratch and from my own brain, was this shelf that I installed over the toilet. I’ll write up a tutorial for that too. SO EASY and was free with leftover stuff I had in the craft closet and garage.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

That framed watercolor masterpiece is by Nickerbean 2. She was pretty proud when she saw it. That’s a fake Hobby Lobby succulent but man, it looks real. And I won’t kill it.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

I painted over the vase that was already in there so again, that was a makeover for the cost of a tiny bottle of craft paint.

I am so happy with how the room turned out. It’s so gratifying to decide to change something and quickly get it done. Such a big difference in a few days of work.

Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade

It’s fun and girly but also grown up enough to be a pretty, guest bathroom.

Do you have any cheap, quick makeover experiences that made a huge impact? Or even something that you put off forever and it made such a huge difference after you finally did it? Like laundry.. just kidding.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Vintage Boho Makeover for under $85 | House Homemade


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