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Hello! Hope y’all had a great Halloween! We took our pumpkins trick or treating and then stole a bunch of their candy, as parents do.  This year Nickerbean 1 was Ariel and 2 was a ‘fwendwe ghost’. This is actually the first year they didn’t coordinate.

Since this is my blog and I can, let me take you for a stroll down memory lane.

This is my big girl on her first Halloween as the chubbiest, cutest peacock around.

This is her second Halloween as a chubby elephant starting to get leg muscle definition. ; )
By the next Halloween, our little bean came to be and the era of me making the costumes, began. This one is my personal favorite. A scarecrow and her crow. AHHHHHHHHHH. It makes my heart hurt.

The next year they were Anna and Elsa along with 92.9% of all the other girls, everywhere. PS I’m pretty sure every homemade costume by me, consists of a solid walmart shirt that usually gets painted and usually gets the sleeves cut off. Hot Texas Octobers.

Last Halloween, we were still living in Hawaii and the girls went as rainbow ballerinas. You can read more about our adventures here.  This picture of them is still a favorite of mine.

Ok, thank you for bearing with me.  Back to DIY goodness. *This post contains affiliate links. That means I get a T-tiny percent of a purchase made using one of the links. Thanks for supporting House Homemade.*

Every once in a while, I browse Anthropologie’s website for oh so obvious reasons. Their stuff is beautiful but their prices aren’t. At least to me.. So when I saw this beautiful vase, I decided I wanted to try and knock off the pattern on a lamp we weren’t using.

First, I taped off the cord and the electrical stuff up top and sprayed the base of the lamp primer white:

It took a few coats but after that was done, I brought it inside for a little paint job. Now, at first, I tried to be all fancy and make pencil marks to plan out my design but y’all, that IS NOT me.  I just can’t do it. I’m not careful, I’m quick. If it works out, wonderful. If it doesn’t, I redo…. It’s the worst but it’s how I do it….That being said, I have one picture of the process…

It’s a bad picture and I didn’t even use my lines. Or erase them for that matter…. I really just started making diamonds, or rhombuses as I think I’m supposed to call them.

used Folk Art craft paint “coffee latte”. I like it because its almost
the exact color of terra cotta. The pic above is an affiliate link but
its like $7 more than it is in Walmart or Joann’s. I’m just showing you.
Don’t buy it from this link unless you like throwing money away. ; )

After I finished the entire lamp, I let it sit to dry. Then I took a tiny paint brush and some white craft paint to add the small dots in each intersection of  lines.

We already had the brown lamp shade. It works with the design but I feel like it would look much more modern with a black shade or even a more linen colored shade.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out! It was a fun, quick project and if I get sick of it, and I will,  I can spray and paint it all over again.

Maybe next time, I’ll dust before I take pictures… We’ll see.

Aaaaaand, since it’s so fun for me to find lesser versions of expensive stuff, I put together a few ideas for you.

with this lamp shade 

Thanks for reading, friends!

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