Combo Office and Playroom Inspiration

Hope all has been well in your world! I’ve had a pretty exciting couple
of weeks as far as House Homemade goes. I’m reaching out to sponsors for
a big upcoming project. (And it’s working.. ) I got help to redesign
the site a bit and I love the way it looks. And tomorrow a photographer
for Apartment Therapy is coming to photograph our house!
Squuueeeeeeeeel. That’s so crazy exciting! Professionals are way better
at pictures than I am. I’ll try to soak up the fanciness. Okay so now
that you’re a little bit caught up on that cool stuff…Happy Valentines
Day! Hope you have great plans. Or no plans. Whatever makes you the
happiest. No plans always makes us happier over in these parts.
Actually, our plans consist of the sweet hubs making us a yummy dinner.
He makes steak and butter/garlic drenched scallops (then bread to soak
up the butter) and asparagus. My mouth is watering. It’s my favorite
meal of the year. I’m the cook in this house but he’s the chef. Know
what I mean? Also, I made it through the whole season without buying
Brach’s candy hearts. (those are the best brand of candy hearts. They
are NOT all created equal..Don’t ever judge a candy heart by the Necco
kind or any brand in the little boxes. They aren’t the same.)

Back to the business at hand. I’m helping my friend Lindsay
redesign their sun room into a playroom / office combo!  It’s a huge
space and will perfectly fit both areas.We’ve been pinning away and have
some beautiful spaces as inspiration.

This open shelving in an office by Modish and Main is polished, rustic and warm which is perfectly Lindsay and her husbands style.

This office/ playroom combo from Style Your Senses is so pretty. It looks mature and totally fun and sweet at the same time.

Then this room from Emily Henderson.
I’d hang out here. That’s the kind of playroom I think works out the
best.. Great for kids but sophisticated enough that adults don’t mind
being in there too. If you could see the current state of our
playroom, you’d think I was crazy for having any opinions about cool
playrooms… That will change in April. Can’t wait!

OK so now
that you’ve seen some gorgeous playroom / office eye candy, let me show
you Lindsay’s before pictures. I should say this room, until a couple
weeks ago, has been used as storage hence the boxes and mess. It will be
amazing soon and I can’t wait. I’m sure Linds can’t wait, more.

side of the room will act as the playroom side. It’s light and bright
and will be such a great space. I actually love the white walls with the
wood trim. I’m trying to convince her to keep it as is.

side is the office side. Can you picture the open shelving on that back
wall? So pretty in my head already. They have a great desk and I’m
thinking of placing toy storage in front of it as a dividing point
between the two spaces.

We’ll be doing plenty of
DIY’s for this room including giant, cozy floor poufs, a play tent and
maybe a toning down of that sweet gold fan. But I also did a little mood
board for the color and feel of the room. Click the items below for individual affiliate links.

do you think? Neutral, light and bright with little pops of color and
pattern. That fits the rest of their house to a tee. Also, Lindsay had
the bright idea to coordinate the pillows and things to the twins
bedroom decor that way, when they’re big enough to carry things through
the house, the “things” look good in every room.  This might not matter
to some people, but it’s the little things like that, that her and I get
so excited about. #easilyexcitable.

Can’t wait to keep you
updated as we update the space. Lindsay, thanks for hiring me and paying
me with breakfast tacos. It’s my second favorite form of currency. Come
back next week for some Apartment Therapy details and a post about
finishing up unfinished projects (spurred on by the aforementioned photo

Thanks for reading, friends.

2 thoughts on “Combo Office and Playroom Inspiration

  1. Woohoo! Where do I start?

    1. I was just thinking when I clicked over to your home page that I love the design! So pretty!
    2. I AM DROOLING over your description of your steak and scallop dinner… Ahhh.
    3. This room is going to be gorgeous! Love that light fixture!

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