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Hello!  Welcome to my first post of The Global Styler!  I’m so honored to be joining Casa Watkins Living, A Designer at Home,
and Up to Date Interiors to share globally influenced DIYs and decorating
tips the first Monday of every month.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, we decided this month should be all about GREEN. You don’t have to see many pictures of our house to know that it’s my favorite color. IT’S JUST SO GOOD, PEOPLE!

Whenever I’m looking to be inspired for a DIY, my go to is Anthropologie. Their stuff is so beautiful and pretty much all of it inspires me but the price range is usually way out of my league.  This time, while browsing, this gorgeous basket popped out to me and I thought, ‘that’s global’ and ‘I can make that’.

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Now, it does say on their website that these baskets are made by women in Rwanda and Ghana.  I’m all about empowering these amazing women and glad that it supports them and I know there are plenty of people out there that would want the real thing. But that’s not in my price range so with that, a plan was born. ; )

I thrifted a small wicker basket and even the yarn I used for this project. I bought 7 yards of cotton cording at JoAnn’s. It was a dollar a yard but I used a coupon too. I found this on their website. It would have been cheaper this way.  You can see by the picture that I thought I was going to use embroidery thread for the tassels but thin thread equals a lot more work to make thick looking tassels and “ain’t nobody got time for that”.   I am not the kind of person that does this:

Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself for $92 worth of craft supplies?!:

I’m also not the kind of person that will even try to recreate the look of a tiny cutesy home decor item if it’ll take me more than like 30 minutes of time. I’m just not… So, yarn it is!

I spray painted the basket off white so that if it showed through the cording, it wouldn’t be as obvious. I hot glued the cord at the bottom and started wrapping it around the basket.

When I got a few rows up, I began making loops of dark green yarn, two at a time, around the cording. I used this same technique to make my wall hangings I talked about here.

The Global Stylist- DIY Eyelash Basket

Fold the yarn in half. Put the loop under the cord, pull the ends through the loop.

The Global Stylist- DIY Eyelash Basket

 Pull tight.

The Global Stylist- DIY Eyelash Basket

I used about 6 or 8 pieces of yarn per “eyelash” fringe. Once I got it the thickness I liked, I continued to hot glue the cording down.

The Global Stylist- DIY Eyelash Basket
the global styler: DIY eyelash basket
Near the top, I started using a turquoise because 1. it has green in it. And 2. I ran out of the other and was not gonna go back to the store. That’s another thing I don’t do. Once I finished wrapping the whole basket, I held the tassels and gave them a haircut.
the global styler: DIY eyelash basket

I made them a little shorter than the inspiration picture because my basket is a little smaller.  I’m so happy with how it turned out!

It kind of reminds me of clay coil pots that you make in elementary school art.  It’s definitely not as fancy as the inspiration basket but then again, I’m not as fancy as the inspiration basket. Don’t worry, I’m totally ok with that.

The Global Styler- DIY Eyelash Basket

I know exactly where this cutie will end up but I can’t put it there until the space exists. (One Room Challenge. Hint hint)

the global styler: DIY eyelash basket
Click here to see the DIY for my favorite European Bistro stool knock off. The beautiful macrame wall hanging below, can be found here.
the global styler: DIY eyelash basket
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Thank you so much to my Global Styler co-hosts and make sure you come back for new global decor inspiration on the first Monday of each month!
Thanks for reading, friends.
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9 thoughts on “The Global Styler- Basket DIY

  1. It's so stinking cute! I adore how it turned out. Love the way the green pops against the rope versus the original. I'm totally in the same boat with DIYs so I can totally appreciate the how and why behind it all <3

  2. Jessica I loved that basket when I saw it and love your take on it even more!!! Great colors and it looks amazing in that corner! Meanwhile you mentioned one of my favorite posts of yours, the bistro chair! Love how you made that!!

  3. This is beautiful! And genius! And something I would absolutely put in my home. I'll be featuring it at the Creative Gallery tonight 🙂

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