The Global Styler: Longitude Latitude Sign

Hello! It’s time for another episode of “The Global Styler” where I get together with my friends Casa Watkins Living, Up to Date Interiors, and A Designer at Home to bring you globally influenced DIYs and decorating
tips the first Monday of every month. First of all….It’s May. That blows my mind.

Second of all, this month the theme is “My World’s Favorite Place”.  This one is easy for me. *because I picked it.. But still, my favorite place is home sweet home. This month I’m going to show you how I made the Longitude, Latitude sign that graces the wall on our back porch. 
So maybe it isn’t globally inspired but your sign could have the coordinates of the place you were born, the place you got married, or honeymooned or mission tripped. Can I make that a phrase? Ok thanks.  You could represent your favorite place, near or far and THAT is global. Plus Denton, Tx is far and exotic to someone…. just saying.
The process for this project was super easy. You’ll need the following materials:
A scrap piece of wood. I used an uneven, not perfect piece of plywood from the garage. It is not that serious, people.
a printer
coordinates to your favorite place, I just google searched or you can use a site like this.
a pencil
wire and staples for hanging
After I found the coordinates, I typed them out in a word document and made the font size large enough that it spanned 2 pieces of paper. I already knew that the scrap piece of wood I was using was wide enough for that.

In order to transfer the numbers to the wood I turned the copy paper over and colored crayon all over the backside making sure I covered all the digits.
I turned it back over and taped it to the piece of wood.
 Make sure its taped down really well and start tracing the numbers with a pencil. The crayon will leave a light impression on the board.

This is not a great picture and I don’t know why it has a black boarder but can you see the light blue outlines? That gave me enough to work with. I used black craft paint and started painting in the numbers.

You don’t have to have a perfectly steady hand. I even sanded over the numbers a bit once they dried so that it was harder to tell if I messed up or not.

To hang it I just used a piece of wire, stapled it to the back, twisted it around and stapled it again. Here’s a picture of what that mess looks like. Not pretty but free and finished. Right?

I love how it turned out. I love that it’s personal and simple.

Pardon the mums, these are totally pictures from last fall.

I hope you like this project. It was quick and easy! Make sure you head over to my friend’s blogs for their favorite places and projects!

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I’d love to know what your favorite place is. Tell me in the comments! You can tell me the name, not the coordinates. ; ) Come back Thursday for a week 5 update on the One Room Challenge!

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Thanks for reading, friends!

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