New Year, Whole House Cleanout

Happy New Year!! I hope you had an awesome Christmas making great memories with friends and family. We did. I feel so thankful…. and full. I’m ready to not have sweets everywhere I turn. They have power over me, y’all. They whisper my name. They beckon me… Ok, now to the task at hand.

boho bedroom

I thought I’d start the new year with a big ole house clean out!  Not clean up… Cleaning is annoying. Clean OUT.  We had a garage sale in the fall and it left me wanting more. More stuff GONE, that is. So a week-ish before Christmas, on Instagram, I asked if anyone would want to do a clean out with me. Don’t worry. You don’t have to help at my house, I just mean we should encourage each other and clean out our own houses at the same time.

So, with all that being said. I did some pinteresting research and created a plan of my very own. Take a quick glance at the list then let me explain.

New Year, Whole House Cleanout

I created 4 weeks worth of spaces and places in the house that would be good to go through and purge. 4 weeks of 6 things per week. We need a day of rest, right?

dining room
dining room makeover here

I intentionally made the chores in different places throughout the home. Maybe this
would drive you crazy but I feel like spending a little time in each
space is less overwhelming than making a huge mess in one room and
having to pick it all up before you can move along. Also, and shhhhhhh, I made sure to save the kids spaces for when they go back to school. I include them on toy donating sometimes but I’ll go through it relentlessly.  They can justify keeping anything..

ORC playroom
playroom makeover here

Another thing this list does is spreads out the bigger jobs. Going through the kitchen drawers happens in week 4 with some things that will definitely take less time. This way if you want to do two spaces in one day or spend extra time in another space, you can without falling off track.

Living room style
more living room here

I’ll have to admit. I’ve never had a hard time getting rid of stuff. I’m not super sentimental and the feeling of having less is more important to me than keeping something that takes up space just because I have a particular connection to it. I do understand keeping something sentimental. And it’s OK!! Keep it. But maybe just one thing connected to that memory and not 4. Catch my drift?

I’m so excited! Want to join me?!   Here are some things you can do:

1. Don’t play along. You like your stuff or maybe you’ve already cleared things out.
2. Secretly join in and don’t tell me or connect with me. It’s fine. I’ve totally done blog follower things like that.3. Follow me on Instagram and play along! I’ll be posting daily tips on my Stories.
4. Share the image below on your Instagram or Facebook and invite your friends to join in. On Instagram make sure and tag #househomemadecleanup so I can cheer you on.
5. Follow my Pinterest account where I’ll be saving other articles (like this one about downsizing** sponsored link), resources and ideas to my “Organize it” board! Like, clean out but also products to help you better organize what stays.

New Year, Whole House Cleanout

I hope you’ll do this with me. It’s nice to start the New Year with a breath of fresh air! Let me know if you have any questions or want some encouragement. I’d love to help! Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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