Adding a top to our Tv Console

You may remember when I found these cabinets on Facebook Marketplace a couple years ago. My husband created a french cleat to mount them to the wall (you can see that tutorial here). They’ve been a crisp, pretty white but also unfinished since then. A couple weeks ago when I repainted the walls in here, the cabinet was looking kid-worn and bad so I refreshed things. LOOK AT IT NOW! Keep scrolling for tips for updating a TV console.

To refresh it, I first had to finish it….

It may look done to you but see the big separation between the two cabinets in the picture above? I meant to fix that a long time ago..

I just found an extra piece of wood in the garage and covered up the gap to make it look more like one cabinet. I also did the same on the side.

I shared it on stories and reflected on how this took me 2 minutes to do but really it was like a year and a half and 2 minutes. Why do I do this? Is there a tiny project in your home that you’ve been putting off? DO IT! You’ll be so happy when it’s done. Promise.

After that, I painted it with a fresh coat of left over paint from the mudroom. It’s called Night Owl from Sherwin Williams. A beautiful grey green making it much easier to hide kid finger prints.

Next I laid out the pieces for the top. I had a little under 19″ to cover so I bought 2 1×10’s which are actually 9.25″ wide. Then I placed a 1×2 facing upright to close in the rest of the space and act as a little lip on the back edge.

You can see the cords coming out of the top. We drilled a hole in the cabinet that I just measured and matched in the 1×10’s before I put the boards on.

I wanted the wood to be lighter in tone so I put a coat of weathered oak on and then provincial on top. If I had started with provincial it would have been much darker.

I found left over knobs from our ikea dresser hack and painted those to match.

That’s it! I used my finish nailer to attach the boards to the cabinet. I only put in nails around the edges so they didn’t come through to the inside of the cabinet.

I love how it turned out. So fresh and nice looking. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for reading, friends!


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