Coming soon: I wrote a book!

Hello there! I’ve shared this on Instagram but it’s time to spread the word further. I wrote an eBook!
It’s a guide to creating a home you love!! It’s 80ish pages of tips and tricks, examples, and explanations behind each diy, styling, painting, and shopping decision I make. Sometimes
you just need to know why something is the way it is so that you can be better
equipped to make the call on your own.
My favorite part of House Homemade has always been to encourage, teach
and inspire you to make your house beautiful for you and your family. I’ve had book
notes on my computer for over a year and then, while in quarantine, I
finally got the guts / drive to do something with it. I can’t wait to put it out into the world! Stay tuned. It’s in the final editing stages and you’ll certainly hear about it when its done.

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