A Quick Virtual Redo

**bonus post, because sometimes, I don’t want to wait.**

I found this gem of a dresser at a local thrift store this morning.  Look at those brass pulls..hummina hummina.  Hopefully, if you aren’t able look past the grime and the chips, you’ll bear with me and see it’s possibilities.

I brought it home with the intention to paint it and ended up selling it via text, to my Lindsay who will redo it herself.  We did talk about my vision for the dresser. So here’s what I’m thinking:

First off, its kind of low to the ground. I’d give it legs. These legs. 4 of them ; )

And you have to buy these bracket things for the legs to screw into. They have an angled base so that the legs will lean out, like any good mid century modern leg should:

The dresser was pretty banged up so after some sanding and elbow grease, it would need to be painted.  I would choose a dark paint color so that those brass pulls will pop. A deep green or a navy would look so good. Here are some inspiration pics. These are great, Saw Nail and Paint and Bright Green Door

There’s a quick breakdown of what I’m thinking for this great dresser.  If i know Lindsay, I’ll have “after” pictures really soon. Thanks for reading, friends. Happy Monday!
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