My Home Goals for 2021

Hi Yall,

It happens every year. When we’re decorated for Christmas I unintentionally stop home projects but also dream about what’s next. With the girls home this year I’ve had a hard time feeling motivated to start things. They are pretty self sufficient but they’re also home. All. The. Time. I really have loved and enjoyed it. I know I’m probably never going to have them home all the time for such a sustained amount of time ever again. So while I’m trying to soak it up I’m also missing projects and progress around the house. Those kinds of things fuel me. Ok, back to the Christmas tree. I sit and look around and think about what’s next. So, here’s a list of what I’m hoping to tackle as far as home project goals in 2021.

Finish the floors.

On Instagram, right before I accidentally got kicked out for a bit, I shared that we finally decided to rip up the tile in the entryway and kitchen. It was a big, dusty job.. It’s not done. The next step is bigger and dustier. We have to rent a diamond grinder and sand of the left over mortar and polish the cloudy look caused by I don’t know what.dated kitchen tile

existing tile painted

Once the floors are all clear of remaining ‘stuff’. I have a plan to make them look finished and unified. I’m pretty excited about it but it will be a big job too. I’ll share it first with those on my email list. Want to be there? Sign up here.

Install baseboard.

After the floors are done I’ll need to add back baseboards in the living, dining, entry and reading room. Our current ones are pretty thin and raised to accommodate the carpet and tile of yesteryear. You can see the gap in this reveal pic from our reading room. I’ll need to add back some that are a little more substantial.

Redo the Stairs.

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. Actually, since day one. Ripping that carpet up and rehabbing the stairs below seems like quite an undertaking especially when we’re all home. I’ve also worried about what the wood will look like. I’m guessing they’ve always been covered in carpet so I have no dreams of pretty hardwoods underneath or anything like that. I just hope they’re decent. Instead of going for it, I’ve been putting it off. This year, I really want to do it.

pink front door

Replace the front door.

This will be tricky because I really want to find one secondhand. It’s really a project that will only happen if I find one used. I think our house would look great with one like this:

It would let in so much more light and match with the side lights we already have. I just don’t want to pay $800 for something we don’t need. I’d frost the windows for privacy just like I did on the sides.

Finally make and install shutters.

I posted about adding shutters to our home way back in the summer. I photo-shopped this version and others to visualize different color schemes, sizes and placement. I’m finally ready to start..Start thinking about starting. It WILL happen this year though. I’m excited for the cottage charm I think they’ll bring.

greek villa painted house with amazing grey stutters

That’s it. And you know what? If it doesn’t all happen, it’s ok. This year is going to be another (at least half) year of my family needing me most. It’s a season. Just like when they were little pumpkins that needed all my attention . I think 2020 gave us all perspective and part of what I realized is that the house projects could slow down if it meant my people felt loved and cared for in a time of uncertainty. I’m so thankful for the change in focus and I’m prepared to extend myself that same grace in 2021. I hope you do the same for yourself.

Thanks for reading, friends!






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