I finally started a blog!

Hello! I’m Jessica. I love Jesus, my family, friends and making the things around me, prettier. I’m a former art teacher, now stay at home mom to two sweet girls– we’ll call them Nickerbean 1 and 2. I worked until our second was born and I love it so much and feel so blessed that it gets to be my job. I don’t think I’ll go back without a fight.

My husband and I bought our house in a sweet little North Texas city in 2008. Pretty soon after, we started knocking down walls, scraping ceilings and ripping up floors. Flash forward to 2016, we have almost everything the way we want it–for now. I’m always, I mean ALWAYS, moving things around or painting (or dyeing) this or that to meet my newest whim.  Thriftiness is one of my favorite things so if I add something to my decor, you can bet that it’s either clearance, thrifted or repurposed from my own collection.

I’ve been a reader and lover of blogs (and Pinterest) for a really long time. I sit with a big cup-o-coffee and browse them before the girls wake up. I catch up at nap time too if I’m not rushing around doing actual things that need to get done. I think it’s fun to see what inspires others. They inspire me. So finally, I thought I’d try my hand at it.. We’ll see (nervous smile)

I know that there are way more important things than a pretty house but loving my home and making it a nice, cozy place for my family and friends to be, is a thing that brings me so much joy. I hope I can share things that are easy, fun and doable on any budget. Because helping other people love their home, brings me tons of joy too!

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