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We have a gallery wall on our brick wall. A brick wall without a fireplace…I’m glad it’s there. It adds texture and charm to our sweet house, I think. I just wish it had a huge hole in it, with a chimney and a fire. Anyway, back to the gallery wall. It’s always changing. The smaller pieces in the middle get moved around a lot.  This is how it looks now. I love it. The print tray is from my Gran. Finding a place for it, is what caused the last shake up.
Some of the pieces are kind of hidden by the tv but from any other angle, it keeps it from having a big blank space on the wall behind it. The Ansel Adams print on the far left is my attempt to incorporate things from Joel’s bachelor days collection. The far right is a Nickerbean 1 original from a couple years ago. It’s hard to see in this picture but it’s a butterfly with grass and a lady bug and grasshopper. She made it in her MDO class one day when EVERYONE else was napping. (If you know me, you know naps and my big girl were a sore subject.) The things in between have kind of migrated through the wall or away from it. 
I looked up pictures from wayyyy back when. Look at these bad boys:
This was when we had just moved in and I hung the art on the one nail. Also notice, the brick isn’t painted yet
Next, still a tiny tv and tiny nightstand as tv stand but the wall space is better filled. Pardon the unfinished walls, lack of trim and bare floors. Looking back at these pictures makes me so proud of all we’ve done though.
This one’s pretty current. Pre awesome desk from Craigslist. That table was one of the first pieces of furniture that I chalk painted. (More on that later 😉)
I found the desk on Craigslist for $140 I think. That’s a lot for me but I love it and it’s a good balance on the wall. The hamper in between holds lots of electronic stuff that the hubs is in charge of.  I looked for a while to find something that would fill that space well. It does. It can stay. 
The metal board to the right of the desk was a magnet board I set up using an oil pan. We still have it but I moved it after it wasn’t being used as much. See baby legs in that shot too? 

There are probably a few pics I’m missing, and there are a few pieces that I’ll show up close some other time but the moral of this story is to keep shopping your own house to find things that work and that you love. Nothing EVER has to stay in the place you intended it for. Don’t be afraid–if it doesn’t look right, move it back. And, find a print tray–it’s so cool looking. 😊
That’s all, until I can find a good, tall, low light plant to sit on the black chair.  What’s your style? Do you complete a room and then leave it or are you a gatherer over time?
Thanks for reading, friends!
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