The Laundry Room. Ew

Through out the years, I’ve worked on making the laundry room pretty.  But, it’s a laundry room and it’s not that pretty so eventually, things fall by the wayside. A few weeks ago, I posted on Instagram that I had finished our Home Tour and a sweet friend asked me where I put all the girls’ shoes. That reminded me that I had COMPLETELY IGNORED the laundry room (that’s where the shoes are).  My hubby was out of town so I thought as a surprise to him, and in efforts to make it presentable again, I would do a quick laundry room makeover. 

I found the Before-ist Before picture from when we first saw the house. We scraped the popcorn ceilings and the linoleum floors, added shelving for a pantry, painted everything and called it done.

Then, less than a year later, we took 3 feet out of the laundry room and made the kitchen 3 feet wider. A bigger kitchen is much more appreciated.. You can see where the old wall was if you look at the ceiling and the old cabinets on the far right. Sorry for the really blurry picture..

Back to present day. Here’s our pantry with books for goodwill on the floor and frisbees hanging off the shelf. Obviously.

This is the sink that I use to clean paint brushes, we use it for oily truck engine hands and dirty garden hands.. It gets gross.

See. Ew. That’s mostly layers and layers of paint. I rinse the brushes quickly and clearly never the sink. Sorry. This sink drives my husband crazy..  I’M JUST A CREATIVE MIND, I CAN’T BE SLOWED DOWN TO SCRUB A SINK OF PAINT! So basically, me scrubbing this sink was his Valentine’s day present. We’re romantic up in here.

This is the view from his office. I’ll show you that someday too. Maybe.

And here’s where we drop our shoes and backpacks and keys etc. I created this space a year or so ago. The wood strip with the hooks is actually a threshold for doorways that we had in our garage and had never used for some reason so I cut it to fit, stained it and screwed the hooks into it.  There’s nothing wrong with this space except it needs to be cleared of clutter every now and then.. The cubbies on the floor are drawers from our old bathroom. The baskets inside of them are where the girls dump their shoes.  They each have a pair of boots, church shoes, tennis shoes, crock-esque shoes with maybe an extra option or two thrown in. I go through them seasonally and when their feet grow. Excuse my couple pairs..those are supposed to be carried to my closet..

These frames have been here a while. The floral inside is just scrap fabric but I was ready for a change.

That’s it. I’m doing this makeover for as little money as possible. If you’d like to see my plans for the future of this laundry room, you can follow my Pinterest board here. As far as this quick change– I can’t wait to show you the updated room on Tuesday! Make sure you subscribe via email or check back then to see it.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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