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Hello there! I’m so excited about this project and it’s finally time to start. Let me give you a little breakdown of what’s going on. I wanted to do a reading room makeover. We haven’t had it in tip top shape in a while due to the pandemic and switching things around to give us room for school (psst this version of the room was featured on a segment on GMA). To sum it up, it most definitely does NOT look like this:

reading , book room sherwin williams retreat
click here for the full, One Room Challenge Reading Room reveal

The Project

I talk so often about making your home work for you and to that end there are some things I want to change in here to make this room better for us.

virtual schooling space
this was taken back in August when the girls started school at home

Step one, lighten the paint. I still want a color in here but this room doesn’t get much natural light so something a little lighter will be nice. Step two, create a different, more multi functional seating arrangement. We’re just going to use one of our chairs and add a table for games and puzzles. I think it will be so great for us.

these chairs were found on Marketplace

The Challenge

Here’s the part that makes me the happiest. I love a good secondhand find and I love showing you that makeovers or refreshes or home decorating doesn’t have to cost a ton. So, I decided to use Facebook Marketplace to sell what we weren’t using anymore and use only that money as the budget for this makeover. I love a good challenge like this!! It doesn’t have to cost a ton!!!! You can do this too!

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve sold, made and spent.

Money made to go toward the makeover. Things I’ve sold on Marketplace::

$140- the original rug

$100- the desk that was in there for virtual school (found on marketplace originally.. sold it for more than I paid)

$15- a throw pillow

$8- a basket

$10 – a pair of curtains (originally found on Marketplace)

Total: $273

Money I’ve spent with that budget. Things I bought on Marketplace (or brand new):

$125- this exact rug, barely used

$20- chairs for the game table

$50- a puzzle/ game table

$14- fabric markers to add some pattern to the curtains

$58- 2 gallons of paint (if I need 2)

Total: $267

This is what it looks like right now. I’ll be updating the louvered doors, yet again, and adding new baseboards which I didn’t include in the budget because we’ll be adding them everywhere this year.

reading room in transition

I’m so ready to get started and I’m so excited to show you what you can do with a small budget. Just for comparison, here was the original design board:

And here’s an idea of what I have planned:

I’ll probably post most regularly on Instastories but don’t worry, I’ll make sure and put the updated room here on the blog.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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