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Hope your weekend was great! Thanks for stopping back by because, Yay! It’s time to show you our refreshed, updated and FREE entryway makeover. Just a reminder of what it looked like before.

Here was my inspiration photo:

(the Every Girl and Nomad Luxuries)

And here it is! I’m so in love with it.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover

So bright and cheery, right? I painted the walls with a left over mix between “Swan Wing” by Behr and “Snowbound” by Sherwin Williams. (Told you a didn’t buy anything.. it was a close call though) Swan Wing in semi-gloss is the color of all the trim in our house, in satin- the playroom walls and the upper kitchen cabinets and in flat- most of our ceilings. Its a good white with a hint green in it which works well for me! Snowbound has a little more grey in it which makes it a great modern white kinda choice. I picked the light fixture a long time ago but I love the warmth it brings to what could be a stark space. Find similar light here. PS Nickerbean 1 made the garland specifically to go on the front door. So cute. Can’t move it. We live here.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover

You can find resources for antique/ antique looking rugs here

The awesome twisty tree and pot is from IKEA. The wooden bowl on the left was a garage sale find and I epoxied a dollar store candle stick to it. (I could make those ALL day but not everything needs a stand..I guess.) The pom pom garland wrapped around the candle makes me a very happy lady. PS you can find those pom poms at the Dollar Tree for, guess how much? A DOLLAR.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover
The long wooden votive holder (similar) was
already there but I got a wooden plate shelf from my Gran that happened
to be the exact same size and color and stacked them on top of each
other to fill the space between the bottom of the mirror and the top of
the table. Happy accident. 
I switched up the artwork (you can see it in the reflection of the
mirror) and I love it so much. It’s more modern and goes really well in
the space. Tutorial coming soon.
No cost entryway makeover

I hung a thrifted tray above the garage sale mirror for a little height. You can see what I did with the other one here.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover

The girls gifted me that heart hook for Christmas a couple years ago and I’ve never really had a place for it so I finally got to hang it on the wall and drape a scarf from it for a little more height in the back corner.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover
Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover

Have you noticed the last pretty big change I made? Look at the table..Anyone? Anyone?  I MADE A SHELF!! See it?! I’m so proud of myself for this awesome table hack! If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a planner of creative things, I’m a ‘go for it and see how it looks’ kinda girl.  So when I write a tutorial on it very soon, I’ll tell you how to make it great while correcting the little mistake I made. But I do love it. It brightens the floor and gives more space for decor books. Pretty awesome for a piece of scrap wood from the garage. Similar entry table here or here.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover

All in all I love the new space. It’s light, bright and updated for just a little time and energy. Best of all, it went from here to here for NO money.

Light, bright and FREE entryway makeover

I challenge you to just GO FOR IT. Is there a space in your home that could use a little sprucing up? Dig in closets and around the house and see what you can do for no cost. I bet you’d be surprised. If you can’t come up with anything, call me. Thriftiness and ALWAYS CHANGING THINGS AROUND are my specialty!

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