Bed Styling: Four Seasons, Four Ways (with Annie Selke Bedding)

Hey friend, long time, no write. I’ve been working on client remodels and intentionally slowed down through the summer. I’m so excited to share something I’ve been working on the last few weeks. A couple months ago Annie Selke (makers of the nicest, coziest bedding we’ve, now, ever owned), reached out about a collaboration and I couldn’t type YES fast enough. This post is sponsored by Annie Selke but all thoughts and words are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support House Homemade.

Not only am I excited to show off our refreshed room AND the yummiest bedding ever, I also want to give you some things to think about when you’re wanting to refresh your space.

Do you know about capsule wardrobes? A capsule wardrobe is a smaller/ curated selection of clothing that all coordinate with each other to make more outfits out of less stuff. YOU KNOW I LOVE MORE FOR LESS SO LETS GET INTO IT.

Let’s start with the pieces I’m using.

Did you see when I recovered our bed in this vintage indigo stripe fabric, over on Instagram? That made a huge difference in taking the look of our bed from mid century to a little more traditional feel.

The Pick Stitch Evergreen Matlesse Coverlet / and king shams– I can’t even tell you how much I love these. In fact, I originally ordered the coverlet in a twin size to lay across the bottom of our bed and Annie Selke graciously sent me a king after I saw it and felt it in person and loved it so much. It’s so soft, such a great weight, beautiful colors and, is truly the nicest piece of bedding we’ve ever owned. (We use the twin size on the sofa now and we all fit so cozily underneath it.)

Classic Ruffle White Sheet set– I usually go for a patterned sheet set. But do you know what else I’m a sucker for? Ruffles. These tiny ruffles add a little more detail to your bed. These sheets are crisp and comfy and add a little more texture to a simply made bed. Love them.

Logan Sand Decorative pillow- I love the look of lots of throw pillows on a bed but not the actual logistics. Solution, one giant, beautiful throw pillow that spans the whole length of the bed. Way less effort.

Anatolia Linen Floral Pillow- This throw pillow was the chefs kiss, the cherry on top, for our bed makeover. It’s so nice. I love the little, jute tassels, the colors are beautiful and it has a different pattern / color scheme on the back. That’s 2 for the price of one!

Ingrid Blanket- This blanket is so soft and cozy. It’s full of fun colors- you’ll see more in a sec but yellow, light blue, orange, a bright pink, light pink, sage green and a couple different tan tones. It’s thick and soft. It’s also oversized so that it fully covers the bed or can be tucked into the sides making it great for layering. Sometimes blankets end up being too small once they’re washed and dried which can look goofy. Not this beaut!

Now that we’ve got the bedding, let me show you how I pieced them together for different, seasonal refreshes.

First we’ll start with how I envisioned this room in the first place. I painted the walls a beige-y pink called Sherwin Williams “Malted Milk”. It’s such a great color. (Watch the way it changes from picture to picture depending on the sunshine and time of day. Love it!)

I pictured creating a traditional feel with a play on primary colors. the “red” of the walls, the blanket and pillow, the yellow of the dresser, the blue of the bed. I happened to put it in the ‘fall’ category and it happens to be fall but this is the vibe I wanted for our room.


In the fall, I start to think about warming spaces up. Making them more layered and cozy. Add texture to your bed.  The muted red throw adds a warm tone. I found this blanket at an estate sale years ago and I dyed it this color to speak to the Anatolia throw pillow .

Even though the sheets are white, there’s just a peek of them at the top. I moved the mid tone green shams in the front. I love the look of a little less contrast in the fall, less light and bright, a little more moody.

Capsule Bedding Tip: Buy a throw pillow, like this one, that has a different pattern (or color) on the other side. You get 2 looks while only buying one thing. (You’ll see how I used the other side in a minute.)


For the winter I’ll add layers to our bed but functional layers. You’ll see the striped blanket take front and center in a minute but in the winter I might use it under the green stitch blanket for some added warmth. Winter is a great time to flip the coverlet to the white side. The pick stitch blanket isn’t even marketed to be two sided but the “underneath” is a beautiful off white and I love that you can still see the green stitch. In winter I like to use a little more contrast again. Sure, snow isn’t usually on the ground in Texas but using white while decorating in the winter feels on theme.

Notice I pulled the crisp, white pillows in front of the pick stitch shams. You could even switch out the artwork. I did a Christmas/ winter themed printable art round up here. And you better believe when I get our Christmas decor down, I’m doing this again.

Capsule Bedding Tip: refresh your bed by flipping the comforter or coverlet if it has a different pattern or color on the underside.


Spring is a great time to introduce a little color into your space. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, bring on the light and bright! I don’t know about where you live but we still need the blankets and the extra layers for a little while but that doesn’t mean you cant get a spring-time look.

I pulled the covers down a little more so that more of the white underside of the coverlet was showing. I could have even switched to having the striped Ingrid blanket on the bed and the sage coverlet at the foot of the bed for a more drastic change. I took off the extra long lumbar so that the green shams could be front and center. And I flipped the pillow! I love this pattern too. (this side could, also, easily work for fall)

Last but not least,


In the summer I like to make things as light and airy as possible. Sometimes I’ll just make the bed with the sheets showing and then throw a blanket at the bottom. It just feels wrong to pack the bed full of things that feel heavy and way too warm for the hot summertime. Plus, who wants to dress their bed with a bunch of layers only to have to pull it all back off later in the day?

Capsule Bedding Tip: Keep things light and easy in the summer. You wear less layers, let your bed do the same. : )

In efforts to keep things simple and airy, I took off the throw pillow and left the neutral lumbar in the front.

I hope this was helpful. I hope it gave you something to think about as you refresh your room from season to season. You don’t always have to buy new things to get a new look. Sometimes it just takes some rearranging.

Capsule Bedding Tip: Don’t be afraid to move things around and switch things up. You can always switch it back but you wont know without trying.

I’m so happy with how everything turned out.  Our room is so beautiful and pulled together now. It feels intentional. You know how sometimes we leave our bedroom for last? I get it. But I’m thankful we took to opportunity to make it special. Big thanks to Annie Selke for the beautiful bedding and motivation to make it happen in here.

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