I wrote an ebook and it’s almost here

Well over a year ago I made an outline for a decorating guide. It sat, mostly blank, on my computer until this summer. While at home, sheltering at place, I decided it was finally time to start/ finish it. Then hours and hours of work ensued… and now, this is it! I wrote an ebook and I’m releasing it on TUESDAY September 22nd!

My latest labor of love, How to House Homemade will be available to download for $12.99 starting at 5am on Tuesday 9/22/20. It is meant to give you confidence as you use and/or edit what you have to work on spaces in your home. I want to give you tools to do it yourself because you CAN do it yourself! In this helpful guide you’ll find tips for things like: buying rugs, picking paint, styling, space planning, choosing furniture, and hanging art. Plus money saving tips, shopping sources, additional blog resources and a round up of my favorite tools for tackling DIY projects. A clickable table of contents will help you quickly reference certain chapters later on. I cannot wait for you to read it! I hope it makes you feel empowered and encouraged and I hope you’ll share it with friends and family who might feel the same.

Check in over on my instagram as I do some giveaways in the days leading up to launch day.

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Thanks for reading, friends!



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