Good, Better, Best: A Master Bedroom

I’m starting a new series/ service on the blog. Good, Better, Best
It’s a room design that I create virtually and you implement. I’ll
separate the design in tiers. The ideas in the  ‘Good’ level are small,
easy updates you can make, thrift or buy, that your budget will barely
even notice. The ‘Better’ category can be layered on top of that at any
time and will add some more polish to the room.  The ‘Best’ category
works the same way: another layer of goodness that you can add to your
room now or over time.  
Last week, I showed you a project I was doing in my friend Erin’s room. This week, I’m
going to virtually finish out her room. Depending on how much she
wants to spend, she can buy what will make the room “good, better or
best”. Make sense? I think it will work out well because she can buy
what she wants, or save up and work toward the end result or thrift to
get the same kind of look– whatever works for her. My ideas, her
timeline, budget and victory when she’s in love with the room. Comprende?
Here’s the room now,

and here’s what I planned out for her master bedroom.
Over The Big Moon Free Printables This
is such an easy way to update a space. There are so many places for
free art online. Just search in Pinterest for free printables and there
are so many bloggers who have created piles of great stuff to
decorate your walls for just the price of frames. I picked these
particular prints because I thought the first 2 were a stylish nod to a
hunt-loving family. I would print them out in 8×10 with an 11×14 frame
or a 5×7 with an 8×10 frame. Ikea has great frames and so does Hobby Lobby (and they’re usually 50% off) I would hang these on either side of the bed, a few inches above the side tables.

Dawn Nicole Printable for the dresser area This is another great printable perfect for a bedroom. Another frame and hang it next to the dresser mirror and you’re set.

More Throw Pillows  This is what I should say but I get so sick
of them being on the floor and having to take eleventy billion pillows off the bed a
night. I’d rather it be easier to quickly make a bed (and do it
everyday) then have it look amazing and staged and keeping all the extra
pillows in the corner most of the time… So if you don’t mind doing
all the extra work– This is the answer.  
These velvet looking ones are so yummy looking.
or these would look great too. Whichever you choose, I would use 3

Euro Sham I would buy one
more euro sham with the same quatrefoil pattern pillow cover so that the white shams
are placed 3 across the bed and fill the whole width of the bed. OR just pull them in so that they’re touching. Problem solved for free-dollars.

Throw Blanket Just
throwing this blanket at the bottom of the bed is great for texture and
adds a warm brown (that’s in the throw pillow) because sometimes, too
much white and too much grey can make a space look cold. This room has warmth because of the wooden furniture and deep yellow
curtains but it is something to keep in mind.

to add some height above the armoire would look really good on that
wall. Right now everything is boxy and almost the same height.

Since Erin’s hubs is a hunter, I think some antlers would be a good masculine touch for the room.
(via Mandy Busby Creative)
Woven Tray
A round woven tray, propped against the wall would be perfect for
breaking up the right angles on this wall. It might take a bit longer
but I’m sure with some patience this piece could be thrifted. 
It looks best when things are displayed in odd numbers so for the 3rd
object, I would choose something a bit more modern to balance the rustic
look.  A vase would be perfect. It wouldn’t even have to hold anything
but for some extra height, she could throw some sticks or greenery in
there. Psst- ANY vase at ANY thrift store can be spray painted white. and if its too short, shove some books underneath it to give it extra height. Just make sure that the 3 things in a vignette are different heights.
A plant or two Make sure you choose something that works with the light in your space but a plant is a great way to make a room look finished and great. In Erin’s room, I’d put one in the corner on the wall with the armoire.
Bedside Lamps The
lamps that Erin has are just fine but new lamps can sure change a
space. I love these from Target. They are a decent price, won’t take up
much space on their side tables and the touch of bronze can warm up the room.

Area Rug I
know they have carpet in their room but a big, cushy area rug works to
ground the space and gives one more layer of texture.  We have this
white, shag rug in our master bedroom and I love it. It’s soft, easy to vacuum and looks great
under our bed. For this space, I would at least buy an 8×10.
Tufted Bench This
is just an added accessory but it would look great on the blank wall which will soon have the screens mounted above. Having a long bench underneath would ground the screens. Maybe 2 depending on the width of the hanging screens.
Baskets One of these baskets would look great on top of their dresser to contain whatever usually gathers there. The lighter tone mimics the basket on top of the armoire and even the yellow curtains. Another of these would look great on the bench with some magazines or some trinkets.
Vases Another little set of vases would be a good accent for the dresser. The bronze brings in the metal tones in the lamps. Display one on a stack of books on a night stand and the dresser and you still have one for somewhere else in the casa.

 Here’s the final look! I think its a great mix of texture, tones and masculine and feminine. Erin, I hope you two like it. Thanks for letting me work on your room. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! 
Good, Better, Best design board

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