Repurposed Art for A Master Bedroom

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I was asked by my friend, Erin to come help finish off their master bedroom.  They just moved into a new house and loved what they had, just needed some help calling it “done”. Here’s the room.

I wanted to use what I knew she had already purchased and liked for the space. You know I’m a huge fan of using what you have and updating, rearranging or making small changes to make it work. When you’re making a space personal, there are places you can spend but places you can save. This article from gives you great ideas for ways to do just that. Plus, any article that quotes “The Dude” is read-worthy in my book.

The bedding is a really pretty grey color with pops of coral, golden yellow and teal.  She brought out the rich yellow color in her curtains which tie in her accent color but also help block the light.

They also have this really l-o-n-g wall opposite from their bed that is
big and blank but also, because of the way the doorway is positioned, it makes the space too narrow for furniture. 

They had an awesome idea. I wish I could say I came up with it. She had a wooden screen that was her grandmothers.  It was gathering dust in the garage but they decided to re-purpose it! YAY! Pardon the shadows of their amazing trees but this is the screen. Great, huh?

Her hubby cut the legs off and the top part. The arched piece of the screen just slid out. The idea is to paint them and mount them on the big, open, narrow wall. They removed the inserts to the 4th screen, leaving only the frame with open rectangles inside which will be mounted above the bed.  What a great statement piece and an awesome way to remember her sweet grandmother. I love it!

I sprayed them with my HomeRight paint sprayer in my spray shelter which I WON from Erin at  DIY on the Cheap.  I don’t win stuff. I hardly ever try!  What a fitting win for someone who LOVES to paint furniture. I need to write about it and about what I’ve sprayed but it hasn’t happened yet. It will.

Anyway, I sprayed and thought it covered great but, wha-whaaaa, the stain seeped through the paint. This is not a problem if you’re going for an orange glow but, ugh, I’m not.  It took me 2 coats to catch on (waste of time and paint) and I finally bought a spray paint primer. 2 cans later grrrrr Problem solved.

Even though a pop of color on the screen panels would have looked awesome. I suggested they go with a neutral, that way, if they ever wanted to change the rooms colors, she could easily replace (or repaint) the smaller accessories and not have to redo the big stuff.

I also suggested she buy this monogram.  Its unfinished wood and would look great stained or could be painted the teal color for a quick accent. I told her she could attach ribbon to it and hang it from the open framed panel above their bed.

Kind of like this from Whimsy Girl Design. Stop for a minute and look at that beautiful room. That headboard, those pom pom pillows..Yum.
 A fun unexpected touch in our master bedroom is this textured wreath from HomeGoods.  We simply hung it over an old, salvaged screen to create a unique focal point above the bed! {Sponsored Pin}:

Here are the finished screens.  I painted them and lightly distressed them and they are ready to be hung.

I really love the way they came out. Re-purposing is one of my favorite things about decorating. Don’t see everything for its face value. Because they saw potential in these screens, they get a new life and look so great in their bedroom.

Good job, you two! Thanks for trusting me with these great pieces.

Come back next week and I’ll show you the design board I created to finish out their room.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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