How to Turn Decor into Wall Art

This is not a beautiful post but it’s one of my decor tricks so then I must share. We have things hanging all over our walls.


Turn a tray and plates into wall art.

Art.. the wooden Nickerson sign

Turn a wood sign into wall art

and more recently, thrifted wicker baskets and trays..

Turn a tray into wall art
Turn a tray into wall art

Some of these things already have a lip or hangers on the back. Some of them are not meant for the wall at all. I have a super easy way to remedy that. HOT GLUE.

Take the tray in the picture above for example. I found it at the thrift store. When I was redoing our entryway, I thought it would be a great way to add height and warmth to this wall. I cut a piece of jute string. Any string will work.. In college, I sewed a hole in some dress pants using dental floss… You say cheap, I say resourceful. (I hope that confession made you smile.) Anyway, back to the task at hand.

  I laid the string across the top of the back of the tray and put a glob of glue on one side and pressed and held the string still so that it could have a minute to set.

Then I did the same thing on the other side. Sometimes for heavier things, I make sure and put glue below the string and above it so that its very secure.

Hot glue string to hang wall art

Once the glue dries, you just hang it on a nail or thumb tack. That’s ALL.

Here’s the back of the silhouette art on the dining room wall. I hot glued a hanger with jute then decided I wanted them hanging from ribbon.. Just a couple more dots of glue and done.

Hot glue string to hang wall art

 Another thing I’ve done is to hot glue a paper clip to the backs of things as a hanger.

Hot glued paper clip for hanging wall art

 Looks a little ugly but the walls aren’t offended and no one can tell otherwise so I’m good with it. Because this is a glass plate, whenever I’m done with it on the wall I can just peel the glue glob off.

Disclaimer: all of these things are relatively light AND I’ve tried this with things that were bought at the thrift store. Don’t try to hang a 5 lb. weight or a most favorite heirloom and then be mad at me when it doesn’t end well. Please. Thank you.

Hope this little money saving tip helps you get your decorating on. Happy gluing! (that word looks weird)

Pin image below to share and find later. Thanks for reading, friends.

How to Turn Decor into Wall Art

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