Pineapple Tables, DIY Concrete Top

Friends, lucky for me, most humans don’t see the value in kinda short, kinda weird looking pineapple tables. Therefore, they go unloved through 2 days of an estate sale and find themselves being greeted by me with adoration and big plans. Feast your eyes!

So awesome right? I really can’t believe my first time attempt worked! Here they are before…I can see why they got passed up. They had big, disproportionate “vintage” laminate tops.

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top: before

After I unscrewed the top from the base, they already looked better.

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

I thought about buying round wooden tops for them. Those would have cost me about $7 a piece which isn’t a huge deal but I knew that if I wanted them to live outside, the wood wouldn’t stand up to the test of time. So then I thought… Aha! CONCRETE. I also thought, I have no idea how that works…

Turns out, it’s pretty darn easy. You just need patience…Which I also don’t know much about.. Anyway, I jumped on Pinterest and quickly found this easy tutorial from The Casual Craftlete.

DIY Concrete Stool - easy to make bucket concrete stool for just $5. Add fun bright patio paint for pops of fresh modern color. Perfect for an outdoor stool or plant stand.
Look at that cute table! For her table top, she just poured and mixed her concrete right into a 5 gallon bucket and let it set up in the bucket. I love a good one pot recipe so this was the tutorial for me. I bought spray paint and a bucket. Then, I was actually looking for the concrete she suggested but I asked the Lowe’s lady and she suggested this Quickcrete No. 1004 quick-setting concrete mix. I don’t know what’s better or worse but it worked for me…
Pineapple table with DIY concrete top
First, I sprayed the bases this amazing turquoise color. It’s Valspar Primer + Paint in “moonlit surf”. Sounds dreamy huh?
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this pic that I posted a couple weeks ago. I think I might have said something about everyone needing giant pineapples in their lives…I still believe this to be true.
Pineapple table with DIY concrete top
Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

I knew these tops wouldn’t be big but I did want to reinforce them somehow so I reused this little circular piece that was hiding underneath the laminate top. (don’t mind the beautiful chalk art in the background)

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

I poured the concrete mix to the depth that the table needed to be. Added water with my good ole watering can and mixed it with a stick.

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

I tapped the side of the bucket for a while to get air bubbles out. Turned the pineapple upside down cake  and laid it into the mix.

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

I even leveled the tables to make sure they’d dry straight. I think my husband would be proud of me for that detail. Honey, make sure to commend me. ; )

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

And here it sat….actually, confession, I messed with the first one WAY before I should have. I should have left it for at least 24 hours but I told you, patience with this kind of stuff is not my strong suit. I let the first one sit upside down on the garage floor while I began the other table. Was more patient with the second table and then let them both sit for a few more days.

Ta-dah! I LOVE THEM!

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

The other? I think I’ll use in the back yard for water with a silly straw.

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top


Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

I just love the way they turned out. They are so funky and I’m so glad I didn’t use an obvious/ traditional option for the top. Plus, they cost me $10 and I have tons of concrete left over AND a perfectly good bucket.

Pineapple table with DIY concrete top

And just to prove that they both survived, here they are together. The pot of the left was painted by my crafter-in-training, Nickerbean 1.

Now, I must resist the urge to dip everything into concrete.  Cheap hairpin legged plant stands? Put a concrete top on it. Old, thrifted table legs? Put a concrete top on it. Base of a bird feeder? Wooden stool? you know the drill…

Maybe you don’t exactly have large pineapples to make tops for but think outside the box, is there anything you could repurpose with a concrete top? If you do, let me know! Thanks for reading, friends.

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  1. Wow! These turned out so fabulous! I think I have to go find something to use concrete on or with! And I am a HUGE sucker for anything pineapple – just love it!! Thanks so much for linking up at the Pretty Project Party — please join us again this Thursday!

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