Farmhouse Exterior and Inspiration

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I left the hubs and
babes at home for a quick, relaxing getaway with some girl friends and
it was just perfect. Eating, talking and laughing. And then, there’s nothing like coming home to sweet little kid hugs
and kisses.
I’ve shared with you before about my parents’ sweet little cottage.
This weekend, we went to hang out there but also, I was excited to
check on the status of their farmhouse that’s being built. I took a few
pictures and wanted to show you those and some inspiration photos for
the interior design of the house.
I figured there was no point in showing you the studs on the inside (that will come later) but here is the front exterior.
farmhouse exterior inspiration- House Homemade

The back looks out over 3 amazing, huge oak trees and has a deep porch for quiet country nights.

farmhouse exterior inspiration- House Homemade
Those are the oaks. We call the land “The Oaks” and these beauties are why. There are tons of others, but these are the stars of the show though.
farmhouse exterior inspiration- House Homemade
My mom and I have been pinning inspiration images onto our farmhouse board
for A LONG TIME but as you can see, it’s getting close to go time.
Today, I’ll share some exterior inspiration photos with you so that you
can see where we’re going with things.

Please pin images from their original sources.
farmhouse exterior inspiration
(via Home Bunch) 
Exterior colors:

We chose black windows and Sherwin Williams’ Universal Khaki as the siding color. The metal roof is the color ‘slate’. The color combo is similar to the images above.

farmhouse exterior inspiration
(via Decoist)
farmhouse exterior inspiration
(via Better Homes and Gardens)

The porch columns will be something like the last 2 photos with lanterns on either side of the big wooden door that my parents chose. My mom has a great eye for landscaping so I know once the construction part is done, she’ll fill in the entire perimeter of the house with awesome plants and make it look incredible.
I’m so happy for them and plan to keep you updated on the decorating process for the inside as we start bringing plans together.
See previous posts about plans for their half bath here and living room inspiration here
One last ridiculous picture that I hope makes you smile because sometimes you just need to pose in front of a construction trash pond. Nickerbean 1, thank you for teaching me your mermaid ways.
farmhouse exterior inspiration- House Homemade
Thanks for reading, friends.

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