Guest Bathroom Makeover Befores and Plan

Hope your long weekend was great! I’m so thankful for the men and women that serve our country selflessly. God bless the USA!

I can’t believe I’m doing this but it has been a while so I feel like it’s justified… I found a $2 shower curtain at a local thrift store which in turn inspired me to do an entire guest/girls’ bathroom makeover. That sounds totally unnecessary and like a waste of money because the bathroom looks fine but I’m going to try and blow your mind with the makeover and especially blow your mind with the small amount of money I’ll spend. We’ll see!

I wanted to show you how the bathroom looks now, then I’ll show you my plans.

I painted the walls this turquoise color probably 7ish years ago so in my book that’s a really long time. The red cloth light cover was a quick fix about 2 seconds after we moved in and hasn’t been touched since. I plan to switch that out with a diy light cover. The pink and red rug was a clearance buy at Ikea. I’m going to be looking for something smaller and more neutral.

The book shelf was a wedding gift. I painted it black and decoupaged fabric on the shelves probably 6 years ago too. I love the bookshelf as an added bit of storage. The big canvas baskets hold extra towels and washcloths. The yellow stool belonged to my husbands grandmother. He has memories of sitting on it as a little boy so I’m happy to have it in here as a little nod to them both.

I painted the vanity a couple years ago and I love the color so that will be staying the same. I also got sick of the mirrored light fixture and painted it black around the same time. Maybe I’ll use the opportunity to actually replace it while I’m repainting. I have this really bad habit of mixing my own wall paint colors which is money saving at the time but then you can never match it when you need to paint over large rectangles left by big ole lighting.  

towel rack was from Hobby Lobby. Very recently, it fell off the wall
and lost its 4 and 5. I made it work with this 60%, but I’m going
to be making something new for this space. You can also see in the
picture above, that we don’t even have a shower curtain in this room.
Our girls only take baths still so I took it down a couple years ago.
Not having it there, visually blocking space, really makes the room look
huge too. But, shower days might be around the corner so this is a
perfect time for an update.

I told you it was a shower curtain that spawned this entire update so let me show you that first.

I found this picture on pinterest via world market but it’s no longer available. It’s a linen looking color and the purple drew me in on behalf of my purple loving big girl. I love the extra detail of the orange embroidery too. I first picked it up just thinking about turning it into pillows but the more I thought about it and looked at it, I wanted it in the bathroom.

Ok, here’s the plan:

I’m going to make the space mostly neutral with a few pops of fun color. I’ll bring you tutorials on everything I make and hopefully show that making over a room doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for a big impact.

Wish me luck! Especially because I decided to start this now that it’s summer meaning my girls don’t go to preschool twice a week meaning I’ll be doing it in between naps, snacks and backyard sprinkler fun.

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