Thrift Store Art Makeover

The other day I was making a quick pass through at Goodwill and spotted this guy in the corner. It’s a little bit scary looking but I love the frame around it so I brought it home. And stored it facedown…

Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

Then I did what anyone in their right mind would do.. Gave him a pink ‘stache and party hat. So  much less intimidating.

Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

But really, the picture part of the frame is just a piece of thin wood so I taped it off and gave it a few coats of white paint.

Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

I had the idea of using a picture of the girls for the inside but knew I didn’t want it to be a close up. One day last week, I took them to an open field. Or an empty lot behind Taco Bell. And took some pictures. At first, I was trying to direct them and then I stopped talking and let them do their thing. I love the picture I ended up with because it’s soooo them.

Nickerbean 1 is staying where she’s told and littlest Nickerbean is like “I answer to no one!” (but with a sweet dirty faced smile) Sunlight, green trees and donut shirts. It’s perfect.

I went online to order a poster print from Walgreen and found this really cool Peel, Stick and Reuse print option which sounded very forgiving to me. Which sounded good. Also, you can print pictures to your closest store from the app on your phone. Also, always look for a coupon code. Also, they aren’t sponsoring me. When I picked it up I was excited because the finish of the picture was matte and almost looked like it was on a canvas instead of shiny photo paper.

I just peeled it off and stuck it down onto the painted section of the frame. I was thinking that the paint would peel up if I wasn’t careful but I had to pull the picture up and readjust and the paint was just fine.

I love the way it turned out! I love that at first it just looks like a landscape and then you can see the girls when you look a little closer. It’s a happy pop of color and a sweet memory for me.

Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

I hung it in the front room over a very traditional looking family heirloom table. I like the way that it mixes styles.

Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

The shibori dyed pillow tutorial can be found here.
I posted on my instagram that I am looking for a new rug for this room. Just a little bit of an update. Well, I found one that I think might do the trick and it should be in later this week. So maybe I’ll have something new to show you in here, next week. This was such a quick makeover, the longest I spent on it was drying time.  Never see things for how they are. Think about what you could make them.

Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

Also, the moral of the story, never be afraid to bring home a monkey painting.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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Thrift store art makeover- House Homemade

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