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Hello! We’re enjoying a bit of relief from the heat, at least in the morning and evening, which means we’re back to spending lots of time outside. I feel like I start every post with a weather update…I did want to be a meteorologist until I realized that you have to be good at math and science…..bummer.

A few weeks ago I accidentally stumbled upon a listing on Craigslist for a bentwood/ bamboo table, 4 chairs and book shelves. SQUEEEELLLLL! I definitely wasn’t in the market for any of those things but it was love at first sight and for $80 for the whole set, I figured I would scoop it up and worry about where it would go later. I should mention, I was looking for a new coffee table for the porch and I did already have plans to update it before this rabbit hole.

Look at the detail on the table! My sweet dad picked it up for me and I am so excited to have a dining area on our back porch!

Our porch is a nice space and we were gifted chairs and a fire pit table that we keep under the covered area so, after I recovered them, the fabric has stayed relatively nice looking for about 5 or 6 summers. I love the furniture and it was free but it is very large for the scale of the space under our porch so right away I knew I’d put the table and chairs there. I also think I’ll save 2 of the chairs and recover them because the hubs is attached. : )

Patio Update:Before | House Homemade

In the picture below, you can see that I stapled bamboo fencing on the ceiling to cover up a few holes from old light fixtures.

Patio Update:Before | House Homemade

It’s a great space but I’d love to be able to eat out there more. Right now, when we eat out there, we’re usually leaning over the low table. 

Patio Update:Before | House Homemade

I’m having to use old images of the porch because, after telling myself, “TAKE BEFORE PICTURES!” I went right outside a ripped down the bamboo ceiling. If you know me, you aren’t surprised by this. I do NOT waste time talking about stuff….Nope.

After I typed that, I went outside and took a picture of the other corner. See? The bamboo is currently dangling from the ceiling behind me in this pic. All the plants are gathered for a bit of shade a protection from the boiling sun. I didn’t even bother to remove the leaves from the deck floor. BEFORE= Real life.

Patio Update:Before | House Homemade

I guess I should take a sec to talk about this ginormous fan that has been an amazing addition to the porch. It is very powerful and when it’s on, mosquitoes don’t have a chance at landing on us. It costs a pretty penny but was worth every one. It’s heavy and solid and will last a long time. It does hang down low. The center of the fan is about eye level. Task 1. Make it blend in…Or something.

Ok so now that you’ve seen the before pictures and the incoming furniture, let me show you the inspiration pictures and my plan!

This. This is it. Task 2. Make the porch look as much like this room as possible. When I was first brainstorming, I knew I wanted the table to be painted a
color so that the details would stand out against the wood deck. I was
thinking ballet pink. So, I typed it in on pinterest and bam. This is

(via Apartment Therapy)

So here’s what I came up with for our space.

Boho Patio Design Board | House Homemade

I plan on painting the porch ceiling this light blue green. The contractor that worked on my parents house swore by blue ceilings saying they keep bugs away. I feel like I’m inclined to believe a good ole country boy. And if it is a bunch of bull, who cares? We have a pretty blue ceiling. PS we might have something else up our sleeves for the ceiling too but we’ll see. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

The table will be pink. I’m going to try and keep the chairs their wood tone. They are worn so I might need to condition them or add some stain in spots, then I will cover the seats with this pretty, dark blue shibori looking outdoor fabric. I might even grab some of this to make them extra durable and water resistant.


I plan to use the bookshelf on the wall next to the fan and stage that decor, plants and practical things for outdoors

I’ll DIY a pendant light hopefully with a thrifted basket. My only concern with that is that wasps might love to make a nest in it. It might be a trial run.

I’m going to have the girls paint sticks. They’ll love to do it and its a cute pop of color and an easy way to fill wall space. Also, I love the coordinates sign. And I love my city so there ya go.

(Via twelve O eight)

(via little glass jar)

I’m so excited to start pulling this space together. I hope it allows us to appreciate and use the space even more than we already do.

PS this post contains affiliate links. Purchasing the items is no extra cost for you, but gives me a small percentage so that I can have more projects to blog about. PPS keepin’ it real.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Boho Porch Update | House Homemade

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm in the midst of a boho back patio makeover! My stenciled concrete patio was featured with you at The Creative Circle link party!


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