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Well hello there! Hope you’re having a good week. I was recently asked by a cool company, to design my dream living room. I try not to get tied up in wanting what I don’t have….I didn’t say I’m good at it but I often, and prayerfully, try to not want more, different or better, when what we have is a crazy blessing. It’s all about perspective. Anyway, it is fun to dream and online shop so I went ahead and put together a design. I’m pretty happy with it and wanted to share it with you! *this post contains affiliate links because what’s dreamier than making $.15 to put toward your home styling dream every now and then?!*

Isn’t it pretty?! I feel like I could just dive right into this design board.

Now, this wouldn’t all actually work in our actual living room. Picture our living room being double it’s size and having tons of natural light. For some reason I kind of did this with my parent’s living room size and scale in mind.


First, I’d get a huge sofa. This one from Arhaus is so pretty. (Really, they have tons of great sectionals.) It’s bigger in scale than ours but I do love a sectional with the chaise. That’s my spot. We call it a cozy corner.

The sofa would be grounded by a really big, absolutely beautiful vintage rug. You know how I love rugs because I post about them the most. Like here and here. I have a few vintage rugs and they’re awesome because they’re one of a kind but with ‘one of a kind’ and the words ‘handmade’, ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’ comes a bigger price tag. Therefore the dreamiest of dreamy would be to have a giant one….That was free.

The one I picked kind of reminds me of the colors in our newest vintage rug in the entry way so I’m on board with this one. **Psssst this one is from and they offer free shipping always AND 15% with the code ‘househomemade15’.**

I wouldn’t be able to abandon my love/need for green so I found these amazing velvet chairs from Article.

I picked some pretty art from minted. (Each image is clickable.)

And picked a few frames I already own and know are dreamy. Including this burlwood one from Framebridge. See?

I chose a marble coffee table with brass legs and clean lines. I like the way they look and a big white piece in the middle of the giant rug would be a good way to break up the color and darkness in the room. Also, I’d want warm wood floors like in the pic too.

This table and the pillows and throw blanket are all from Anthropologie. Let’s face it. They’re good. If someone handed my a GIANT (and it would have to be giant) gift card from there, I’d be happy to spend it on their amazing stuff. What they sell is truly dreamy.  I mean look at this throw. My eyes almost bugged when I saw it. Maybe I can ask my grandma to make one EXACTLY like it for me. That way it wouldn’t have a $168 price tag.

I’ve done a knock off of one of their vases before. Sometimes I used their site for inspiration because there’s a lot of it to be found.

I still had to include my love for plants so I found a couple cool planters from CB2. Even in my attempt to be fancy and dreamy in this space, I’d probably end up with plant holders that are cheap wicker baskets from a thrift store. Thriftiness runs deep…And you can take yourself too seriously. It’s not that serious.

I picked out these really pretty lamps from Arhus (the images are clickable). I love the brass finish and the black shades. Black shades are so much more dramatic and cool looking. Our current living room has white lampshades because I truly need them to give off as much light as possible (There isn’t any overhead lighting in the living area in our house.)  In a dream home with lots of windows, maybe we could have some dark shades and still have the light we need.


What do you think? I feel like it looks like a living room that would fit into the look of our house, just a little more expensive and maybe less ‘gathered’ looking. No matter what your style, there is always a way to do it big but then, of course, on a budget. It was fun to shop and not consider pricing or clearance but to just pick what I love. Just a little plug: Remember, I have e-design available! I can design a board on any budget for a living room or any room for YOU! Here are more details on how that works. If you have a questions or want to get started just email me at and we can chat about it!

The products in the image below are clickable. Pin it for later or to share!

Thanks for letting me tell you all about this goodness! What about you? What is a key element you’d have in your dream living room? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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