Things I’m Loving Thursday

Hello there and Happy mid September. You know what that means!? Here in Texas, fall is only 2 more months away.

I’m sort of just kidding. It could possibly start cooling down in one month. But do you know what season I love the most? FALL. So I don’t really care that it’s still hot. I’m talking about it. This post contains affiliate links.

The first thing I’m loving this week? This shirt.

It just looked so comfy and cozy I had to try it. I love the large waffle weave texture and the slouchiness… That’s a word, computer, keep your red zigzag line to yourself. The color is so neutral and pretty. It screams fall to me. Guess what else?! Unlike last time, I actually DID take a picture of myself wearing it…Which didn’t last long because, summer.

I feel like it could be worn with shorts while it’s cool in the morning and heats up by the afternoon. So cute with sandals or boots. A winner.

Something else I love in the fall is warming our house up.  Not with the heater. Heck no. I want it to be as cold as possible in here. I mean with blankets and texture and warm toned color.

Last week I fall-ified our mantel with things we already had and a couple acorns from the dollar spot. If you missed that go here.

I also found a couple cute things on the WWW. Look at this welcome mat!


and this pretty fall looking, fringy-good pillow:


and this cute printable. Etsy has a ton. Just pay, download, print and pop it into a frame that’s already on the wall. Such a quick and easy way to add a touch of fall to a room.


In the blog world, I loved coming across this post a couple weeks ago. A Beautiful Mess wrote a post called: How Did That Hold Up?

I think it’s awesome to show how these DIY projects actually last in real life. Let’s be honest, sometimes a scroll across things and ‘ppppft’ to myself thinking, ‘yeah that’ll hold up’.

If I’m going to follow a project I see on a blog, I wanna know how things are looking after the kids start hanging on it or once it’s been broken in a time or two. Heck, I wanna see one and two years down the road for some things.

I’ve written a couple blog posts like this because I feel like it’s so valuable.

painted cabinets update

I have a post showing all the wear and tear of our DIY chalk
painted cabinets 4 years after they were painted. Spoiler alert: they
still looked great. Like, so great that I might use the same recipe when I paint ours in a few months. I highly recommend reading this post in case you’re thinking about
painting your cabinets.

Another one that might be super helpful was the post I wrote about our stained concrete floors.

It just feels better to go for something and try a DIY when you know it will be worth your while. Especially with a big thing. In the future, I’ll try to be intentional about keeping you informed on projects as they age. It’s good DIY blog practice.

Hey, before I go, a little house keeping….last week I found a whole group of comments from the spring and summer that I was never notified about getting. If you’ve been gracious enough to leave a comment on the bog and I never responded, I’m so sorry! Now I know to look out for that. It maybe wont happen again. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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