ORC: Home Exterior Week FOUR

It’s week four of the One Room Challenge. If you haven’t come by since it started, the ORC is an event where featured designers and guest participants makeover a room in 6 weeks. They link up every week here, and cheer each other on as we all work toward finished spaces.

This week was a big one! The siding on the upstairs was replaced with Hardie board.

It’s fiber cement board. It’s more expensive than vinyl or wood but it resists mold and mildew, doesn’t warp, is more fire resistant and will not have to be replaced again in our lifetime at least. You can see the chewed up siding in the picture below. It will be nice to have something new.

At first I considered one of their many colors thinking then we wouldn’t have to paint but ultimately I wanted the whole house painted and we weren’t replacing all of the siding, just the second floor, so it made more sense to get the unfinished planks. Which look yellow.. It’s always worse before it gets better right?

Over the weekend my sweet man continued to prep the house for paint. We took down the old basketball goal and some lighting.

He also made me the planters for the front flower bed.

I still have to stain them. I plan to do a whole post tutorial.

They are simple, modern and will give me to look I’m going for in the front.

Ours don’t have trim like the ones above because I decided against it. We also made them bottomless because we’re just going to let the roots of the holly grow straight into the ground. I’ll explain it all. Promise.

You can see the holly below the porch light in the picture above. That’s where they’ll grow. They can be trimmed to stay the same shape and height and are easy to maintain.

Guess what?! Paint is coming. Early next week is my guess.

Ok, I’m out for now. This week has been crazy and awesome and I’m back to momming so this is it for this week.

Come over next week for more details! Thanks for reading, friends!

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