ORC: Home Exterior Week ONE

DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!? It’s the beginning on the One Room Challenge. The One Room Challenge is a blog event where lots of designers / bloggers choose a room to make over in 6 weeks. Everyone links up their projects, cheers each other on and when it’s all done, everyone has a gorgeous, FINISHED space to marvel. I’m so excited, yall!

One Room Challenge | House Homemade

If you are new around here, my first (and only) One Room Challenge room was the playroom I did in our old house 2 springs ago. You can see that reveal here.

Last spring I didn’t participate because we were getting ready to list our house and now this fall we have a whole new canvas for ORC makeovers. YYYYYYAAAAAYYYY!!

Let me tell you, I originally registered with the intention of doing our
kitchen but the siding on the upstairs of our house needed to be

One Room Challenge | House Homemade

I mean, it didn’t really, if we didn’t mind creatures making the
attic a home come winter. But apparently we’re really selfish and prefer
NOT to allow rodents into our home soooo this fall the budget is going

One Room Challenge | House Homemade


One Room Challenge | House Homemade

I wasn’t sure this would count as “one room” but sometimes the real world of budgets and more pressing issues takes importance over perfectly functional, albeit green-counter-topped, kitchens.

So you’re thinking. New siding only upstairs. Boring. Well let me tell you. That’s not all. We’re getting new windows (kind of boring also but make a huge difference). AND PAINTING THE WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE!!!!!


For fun I thought I’d make a to do list for this project. Because there is nothing more satisfying than crossing it all out.

remove plastic shutters
new windows (obviously not doing this myself)
new siding (same)
update trim around windows (again, not DIYing)
paint house  (how about I just put a star next to things I plan on doing?)
paint front door * ME ME ME!!
make planters for beside the door * us, us, us!
pressure wash path and porch*
install new lighting *
install new house numbers *
plant some new plants *
update mailbox *
make shutters (maybe) *
spray paint back porch fans *
paint garage door *
update back patio space *
trim trees *

I am so excited. It’s going to look drastically different. Actually, it’s so pretty and charming already I just hope when we’re done it will be more charming, prettier and beautifully modern looking.

Here’s what I put together for the space.

One Room Challenge | House Homemade

Mostly white, with some black and cedar accents. I think white will be amazing on our house for a few reasons. Number One. It’s always shady up in here. Those are live oaks in the front yard. They don’t loose their leaves. Our front yard will always be shaded and therefore, could use a way to brighten things up. Number Two. Since our roof has such a steep pitch, there will be a lot of the grey roof showing which will be a nice break. Kind of like a frame. Or something.

I picked the color on my first (and maybe my only) instagram live. We’re going with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa.

When it’s not on the computer screen it reads bright, creamy white with a little bit of yellow in it. You can go back and read my post about picking paint colors but basically I wanted something with a warmer undertone because of the house always having a cool, blue shade on it thanks to the trees.

Besides that, that’s all I’ve done. Things are coming in. But spray paint needs to be purchased. Lights need to come down. Trees need to be trimmed and does anyone have a power sprayer I could borrow? That seems like a fun tool!

Come back next week for progress and maybe a DIY. I’m so excited for this! It’s gonna be great.

Just FYI, we’re paying for the contractor, siding, windows and paint. I am so thankful for the sponsors below for working with me on the important finishing details.

As always, all text and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support House Homemade.

Come back next week for some progress!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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16 thoughts on “ORC: Home Exterior Week ONE

  1. ha – we're in the same boat! I had grand plans for my husband's study, but then… we discovered we need to replace all the front windows and the front porch roof. I hope the exterior counts, because it's my ORC this time around too! Looking forward to following along ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We have been talking for years about new paint, siding and windows, but did a kitchen instead and want to do our master bath. Your project may make me put the bath on hold and do these other projects that are not as "fun", but can transform a house! I just won't even attempt to do it in ONE week!!!
    Good luck—I'll be following!!

  3. There are tons of places we could spend it inside but this will be such a great impact. And six weeks, still fast but not as crazy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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