ORC: Home Exterior Week THREE

It’s already week 3! Remember, we needed to spend some money outside this fall so instead of sitting this One Room Challenge out, I just made it work.

Not much has changed around here this week. To catch you up, here are our plans for our home’s exterior makeover.

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

I need to update you on a few changes in the plan. Number one, the awning is for our upstairs west facing window. It’s our daughter’s room and it got toasty this summer.


We will probably buy that awning but we might wait until the spring when the sun starts to get harsh again. If you’re interested, you can find this black awning and other finishes here.

Number two, I decided to nix making shutters.

 I love the color and the design but we don’t need them.

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

Pardon this pic from my Instastories but this week I ripped one set down and can’t believe how much more open the face of the house feels. Look at these shutter-less homes and tell me they aren’t modern and beautiful.


We can always add shutters back to the house later, for now I want to try something new.

Moving on to what we did do. This week I painted the garage doors from this:

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

To this, it’s SW ‘urbane bronze’:

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

Each coat took me 30 minutes. (thanks to mosquitoes, then lots of rain and then chilly temps, I didn’t get to finish the second coat.) I do not know why I thought it would be a big ordeal but it was so easy. I love how nice it will look. The back of the house needed a little accent so I’m so glad I did this.  Now I just have to make sure the painter doesn’t spray it back to white….

Also, yesterday I went to Calloways and met with Clif, the
manager of our store here in Richardson.  I brought my mom / landscape consultant too. I do not want to mess this up. I took these two rainy iphone pictures of each side of the house and it was very helpful.

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade
ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

Clif helped me find some good shade-loving plants.  I don’t want perfect symmetry but I want things to be balanced so I bought multiples (odd numbers) of some things to put on either side of the sidewalk. At our old house I always
bought perennials if I could (plants that come back every year). You can read
more of my gardening tips here. This time we focused on shrubs because there are plenty varieties that do well in full shade and they live year round which is a plus.

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

I had the best time! It was like plant Christmas. They were so sweet, helpful and knowledgeable.

ORC week 3: Home Exterior | House Homemade

We unloaded everything and placed them where we think they’ll eventually go.

Imagine this pic with a creamy white brick in the background. ALL the heart eyes.

Calloways, thank you for such a fun, easy, stress-free shopping experience. I cannot wait to get these beautiful things planted.
Up next: The guys are supposed to, maybe replace the siding upstairs, today!! Can they do this in sprinkling rain? I dont know but I haven’t heard any different so peace out, animal chewed rottenness.

Then the painter will be here on Monday! SQUEEEEEEAL! We’ve been getting so much rain lately. I’m praying it doesn’t delay anybody too much. I don’t want to plant until the house is painted but the further I get into this project the more I realize I HAVE NO CONTROL..

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out what others are doing for the ORC. You can see the link up here.

Let’s update the to-do list:

remove plastic shutters
new windows (obviously not doing this myself)
new siding (same)
update trim around windows (again, not DIYing)
paint house  (how about I just put a star next to things I plan on doing?)
paint front door * ME ME ME!!
re-trim backdoor glass *
make planters for beside the door * us, us, us!
install new lighting*
pressure wash path and porch*
install new house numbers *
plant some new plants *
update mailbox *
make shutters (maybe)* spray paint back porch fans *
paint garage door *
update back patio space *
trim trees *

As always, I’m so thankful to my sponsors on this project. I just cant wait to see my vision come to life. It’s so gratifying.

Come back next week for what will be some big updates, I HOPE.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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