ORC: Home Exterior week FIVE

If this project relied only on my efforts, I’d be twiddling my thumbs waiting to show you the finished project next week. I’m not saying I could have done any of this on my own but I’m just enough of a go-getter that it would have already been done aaaaaand I wouldn’t have taken on an entire exterior. but, details… This is week 5 of the One Room Challenge (a 6 week challenge) and I honestly don’t know if I’m gonna be able to pull it off. PS you can see other week 5 guest posts here.

ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade

Last week I showed you our siding being replaced.  They finished up on Monday afternoon.

ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade

This picture is from an Instastory. Hence Linda.

Since we can’t plant our new shrubs from a couple weeks ago (don’t want them to be trampled with the painting) we decided to update our mailbox.

I wanted something a bit more substantial than the 4×4 posts you can get at the hardware store so the hubs bought 2 4×6 posts and made one himself. I showed him this inspiration picture:


and used these guidelines and got to work.

ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade
Architectural Mailboxes sent me this mailbox to use for the project. I liked the handle and the little more modern look to it.
I took 7 million more pictures and my sweet man might roll his eyes when he sees this is all that I used but I’ll make a full post at some point.
ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade

I added numbers to the sides with spray paint and a homemade stencil. I copied the look of the numbers I got for the house from Drop Cap Studio.

ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade
I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon. The painter came yesterday and caulked and power-washed the house and now it’s been raining all day.
ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade
With the cooperation of the weather, Thursday and Friday could be the days the magic happens. I really hope so because that means this weekend will be for planting and doing finishing touches. 
We’re so close to this!!!
ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade

Kind of.

Here’s the to do list. I forgot it last week.

remove plastic shutters
new windows (obviously not doing this myself)
new siding (same)
update trim around windows (again, not DIYing)

paint house  (how about I just put a star next to things I plan on doing?)
paint front door * ME ME ME!!
re-trim backdoor glass *
make planters for beside the door * us, us, us!
install new lighting*
pressure wash path and porch* THANK YOU PAINTER!!

install new house numbers *
plant some new plants *
update mailbox *
make shutters (maybe)*
spray paint back porch fans *
paint garage door *

update back patio space *
trim trees *

When I cross things out it makes me feel better. It’s the planting after the painting that makes me feel a little overwhelmed. I can’t wait for it to all be done and for you to come back and see it next week.

As always, thank you to the sponsors for this down-to-the-wire One Room Challenge.

ORC Home Exterior Week 5 | House Homemade

And thanks for reading, friends!

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