ORC Budget kitchen makeover: Concrete Counters and backsplash

Last week we made little progress on the kitchen besides demo. This week we did a TON!! I feel so much better about the deadline now. If you haven’t been following along, this is a recap of week TWO (start of week 3) of the One Room Challenge. You can head to the first post to see some inspiration shots for the future kitchen here. Here’s the feel we’re working toward:

Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover | House Homemade

I’ll share more details on this soon but we updated our existing cabinets by cutting off the tapered edges with a table saw.

They went from this:

Cut off edges of cabinet doors to update an outdated kitchen | House Homemade

 To this:

Cut off edges of cabinet doors to update an outdated kitchen | House Homemade

This is a great option if you have cabinet doors like these. Just make sure that the doors are bigger than the cabinet openings so that they still actually conceal all your stuff.

The biggest change happened this week? We unhooked the sink and stove and coated the old, green counters in concrete!!!!  I did this same project in the bathroom last January so it’s been nice to see how they clean up, how they’ll hold up and what the finished product will look like. You can read my post about them here. This time time I did a video for IGTV:

I started painting the walls Sherwin Williams “origami white’ but I’m still stuck on the bottom cabinet color. It’s been fun talking it over with y’all on Instagram.

Concrete Feather finish countertops | House Homemade

Here’s the to do list. Still lots to do but way better than last week:

remove soffits
patch wall and ceiling
paint walls— I’ve started this
raise upper cabinets
build backsplash
feather finish countertops

square off cabinet doors
build shelves

hang shelves
build refrigerator surround– skip this. I’d hate to find a different fridge and have it not fit.
install fb marketplace dishwasher
install fb marketplace microwave
build microwave surround
degloss, prime and paint cabinets
attach interior mount hinges
install cabinet hardware
paint floor tile grout lines

Thanks for reading, friends!

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