It’s New Year, Whole House Cleanout Time!

Hello yall! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I feel so excited to get started on the cleanout this year. If that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s the whole house shape up I do every year in January. I think this may be year 4? I love it because it’s comprehensive but some days are less effort than others. I’ve kind of spread out the bigger jobs as to not get burned out. You’ll also notice that it skips around from space to space. Keeps me from tackling too much at once and wanting to quit. Man, I’m sensing a theme.–Must be easy-ish or I may quit. ; )

This year, with the girls at home……all of us at home….all the time…I feel like things have gotten out of whack. I’m really going for it this time. Stuff, watch out. I’m coming for you.

I invited some Instagram friends to join me over there and then a couple days ago, thanks to one of my sweet angel babies, I got kicked off for not being old enough to have an account….She must have somehow found a place to enter her birthday….. I’ve appealed and I’m now waiting to join those sweet ladies once again.

I love inviting others to share their tips and tricks. We live in different parts of the country, therefore have different spaces and seasonal needs. I have no advice to offer on snow boot storage for example..

Anyway, here’s the list. I’d love if you’d pin it or share it. Join with us. Take control of the chaos in your home. I know it’s a process that leaves me feeling so much better.

cleanout list























Thanks for reading, friends!

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