Reading Room Marketplace Makeover Reveal

I started the reading room makeover a while back. I made a lot of progress in a week and then I just kind of quit. It’s 95% done.. Really, I just need to finish up some baseboard work but I wanted to show you how it turned out!

A recap

Just a quick recap before I do. I talked more about it here but I decided to list the things we no longer wanted on Facebook Marketplace and use that money as the budget for the makeover. All of it. Paint and supplies included. Spoiler alert. I MADE money. I’ll share the breakdown at the end.

The room

I simplified and lightened the space. So it went from this:

To this:

reading room refresh with facebook marketplace finds

A coat of ‘Clary Sage’ by Sherwin Williams still gave us a cozy feel but helps the room to feel a little lighter. We have low natural light in here so I was happy to brighten it a little.

We had matching chairs I found on marketplace when we first did the room. The other one now lives behind our sofa as a place to sit and talk to those in the kitchen.

We really only needed one so I relocated the light that was already in here and added a table and chairs for puzzles and games. It’ll be nice to have a table top that wont have to be cleared off immediately at meal time.

I found this table on marketplace and gave it a coat of paint. The chairs were handed down from my mom’s grandmother. They each had 3ish coats of spray paint on them thanks to yours truly. I paid for that…It was a lot of work to get these back to stained wood but so worth it. They’re beautiful.

game table in reading room

I switched out the rug and pulled in some art we already had.

marketplace reading chair in library room

I bought a fabric marker and added the plaid pattern to the curtains. Such a great way to update something you already own.

fabric marker to update plaid curtains with plaid pattern

The cabinet on the book shelf wall gives the room a little more of a cottage feel which I love. I originally bought this piece for another room but decided it would be perfect in here.

floating book shelf wall

I fully intended to hang the sconces back up but when I took them down to paint I realized how much visual clutter they added to the wall so I sold them and added that money to my budget.

antique cabinet and modern floating shelves

My handsome man still loves his room and I am so happy with the little updates. Here are a few more side-by-sides.



If you missed the stair makeover, check that out here. I mean….They’re so good.



sw clary sage reading room

A friend gave me some wooden french doors they took out of their house so I switched out the louvered ones for these beauties.



Budget Breakdown

Things I sold on Marketplace (Money made to go toward the makeover):

$140- the original rug

$100- the desk that was in there for virtual school (found on marketplace originally.. sold it for more than I paid)

$15- a throw pillow

$8- a basket

$10 – a pair of curtains (originally found on Marketplace)

$40- sconces that were above the book shelves

$10- a bike our daughter outgrew

$125- a dutch oven I thrifted for $8…so $117

Total: $448


Money I spent on the makeover (only the hardware store supplies were new..everything else was found on marketplace):

$125- this exact rug, barely used 

$35- a puzzle/ game table

$14- fabric markers to add some pattern to the curtains

$50- 2 gallons of paint (if I need 2)

$18- stripper for the chairs that were my great grandmothers

$175- antique cabinet

Total: $417

I came out $31 ahead!!! Who says makeovers have to cost a lot of money?!

It makes me so happy to be so happy with a secondhand, budget friendly (money making) room. I hope it encourages you.

game table in reading room

We have a little less stuff, gave the room a fresh look and didn’t spend a dime.

sw clary sage reading room

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Lastly, here are some links to shop the room in case you don’t have time to wait around and find it secondhand. ; )


Thanks for reading, friends!


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