Cedar Shingle Accent Wall

Way back in October I added cedar shingles to a wall in our laundry room. Installing them was easy, they were relatively inexpensive, created so […]

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My Home Goals for 2021

Hi Yall, It happens every year. When we’re decorated for Christmas I unintentionally stop home projects but also dream about what’s next. With the girls […]

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overgrouted fireplace

How to over-grout your fireplace

Well hello there! Before I decorated for Christmas I over grouted our fireplace. I’ve been working for the last year-ish on giving our home the […]

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cleanout list

It’s New Year, Whole House Cleanout Time!

Hello yall! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I feel so excited to get started on the cleanout this year. If that doesn’t […]

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christmas living room

Nostalgic and Homey Christmas Tree 2020

Hello! Long time no talk. I’ve been busy with design work but I’ve also been devoting lots of time to family. The girls are still […]

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How to House Homemade: ebook

The ebook is available today!!!! Click here to purchase my book, “How to House Homemade”. How to House Homemade is available to download for $12.99 […]

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I wrote an ebook and it’s almost here

Well over a year ago I made an outline for a decorating guide. It sat, mostly blank, on my computer until this summer. While at […]

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